Silk Vanda Plants | Fake Vanda Plants

Showcase the intricate design of a delicate floral with the help of our artificial vanda orchids. Exquisitely crafted from the finest material to ensure a realistic interpretation, each of these silk plants showcase timeless beauty wherever displayed throughout their meticulously detailed florals and greenery. Best part, these fake flowers will never require any maintenance or upkeep unlike their real-like companions.

Faux Vanda Plants


Vanda orchids are beautiful flowers whose blossoms spring from one stem. Their petals resemble those of African Violets, and they are prized for their loveliness, just as all orchids have come to be treasured. They are native to Asia and are one of the few plants which naturally produce blue flowers. Their natural beauty may reveal why their symbolism is associated with love, fertility, and motherhood. Since these blossoms come in different colors, the color of the bloom can change its symbolism. Many of these orchids feature miniature dots in contrasting colors across the breadth of their petals – further enhancing their beauty and grace.

Bright, Sensuous Petals

Here at Nearly Natural, being the best in the business is an everyday experience. While we don’t take our excellence for granted, our staff knows that our experienced customers are already relying on us to maintain our standards of authenticity. This makes it easy to find an ideal to reach, but we remain vigilant lest we let our efforts slip. We have been meeting this standard of excellence for over 75 years, and we have become the choice of interior decorators and social influencers who are convinced we intend to maintain those standards in every item we design and sell.

Bright and Bountiful Blossoms

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