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Silk Willow Plants


The ethereal charm of a willow tree is in both its flexible branches (famed for easily swaying with each passing wind) but the cascade of tiny pale green leaves which flow down on slim green stems. At Nearly Natural, we offer a hanging basket of willow plants. Those who believe in the symbolism of plants believe willows are a symbol of hope and new beginnings. There are several types of willow. The most famous types of willows are “weeping willows” – often found by the banks of a river, or “pussy willows” – considered to be a sign of spring. Pussy willows are known for their fuzzy greyish blossoms.

Wistful Willow Branches

At Nearly Natural, although we want to maintain the reputation, we have honed over the last 75 years, we also long to make new botanical discoveries. We expand our vast inventory of fake plants whenever our global trips allow us to make new botanical discoveries. Some people may never have heard of some of the more unique types of plants, trees or flowers we replicate on our website, but since you never know which of our items will strike a chord in the heart or soul of a customer, we want to have that item available when that time arrives.

Willowy Splendor

Do you have a favorite flower? Does a flower from your wedding strike a chord in your heart, or does a certain blossom from your hometown give you a sense of peace? We invite you to buy that flower from Nearly Natural and make that special bloom the theme of your home. Our everyday competitive prices make it possible for you to buy lots of our silk greenery and still stay within your budget, and if you go to our website now you can take advantage of the coupons we offer. Why not find that personal posey and plant it all over your home?

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