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Artificial Wisteria Trees

Wisteria trees will command attention. Their tall trunks and fluttering leaves bring a background of stability, but it’s their drooping cascades of jewel-like purple blossoms that will make you stop and stare. Each of the violet blooms is painted with perfection, and the texture is impeccably perfect. From up close, they are an explosion of joy - and from afar, they evoke a field of vibrant warmth. In Japan, wisteria is thought to be a symbol of good luck, success, and long life. In the Bible, they symbolize the release of burdens. No matter where you place artificial wisteria, they will bring you a beautiful keepsake and adornment.

  • Vibrant Violet Blossoms

    At Nearly Natural, large businesses can take advantage of our reasonable wholesale rates. All the gardens and landscaping areas at each of your businesses can feature the same perfectly-crafted trees, plants, or bushes. We have 75 years of artificial plant experience. You’ll be assured your corporate imagery will be preserved by the uniformity of each office’s greenery selections. Take a look at our catalog; take advantage of our money-saving coupons and choose your purchases with our assurance of your satisfaction. Our customer service associates are always available to assist you or to respond to any concerns you may have.

  • Waves of Aubergine

    What does your bedroom mean to you? A place of rest? Of romance? Of refuge? Or do you seek recuperation from the world’s challenges? No matter what you seek when you walk into that room, there’s a plant or arrangement that can help add to its atmosphere. Do you need a splash of color - for joy? Maybe a plant, for healing? Or do you crave a glimpse of the tropics; standing tall in the corner of the room - to help you imagine you’re lying on a balmy, breezy beach as you drift off to sleep?

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