Silk Zebra Plants | Fake Zebra Plants

Artficial Zebra Plants


The leaves of these plants are streaked with bright white lines to delineate their circulatory system. The leaves are so lushly wide they look like flippers. These are another type of prayer plant, and you can imagine why the people from its native South America are so devoted to it. You can choose from a three or four-foot plant, and they all come in a lovely planter. The dense leaf pattern makes this an ideal choice for a reception area in an office, or as part of upscale decor in your home. Each leaf is precisely crafted and it will look and feel amazingly authentic.

Splashed With Spiral Stripes

At Nearly Natural, we know you shop here for perfectly crafted faux trees and plants. But, in order to become your preferred site for decoration solutions, we also offer a wide and beautiful selection of wall art and wall arrangements. How about a vintage window shutter? You could also choose a vintage shutter with a quaint rendition of a peacock. You can opt for a hanging arrangement of three holiday-themed Mason Jars with branches and other holiday greens. Or, you could choose a piece that emphasizes our most well-known items: a “living wall” of ferns with other perfectly-appointed greens.

Lush Leaves with Sharp Accents

Use a focal point in each of your rooms. You want to draw the eye of any visitor to this item. So why not choose something designed to draw attention? Our perfectly-crafted plants, trees, and flowers will bring the right accent into any room, office, or garden. Before you bring home any of our arrangements, measure the spaces where they are intended to go. This way you will know for sure that your dream arrangement will fill the bill. Let your dreams be your guide as you browse our catalog - and choose the perfect accent to bring home.

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