10 Coastal Outdoor Decorations - Faux Greenery Edition

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Simple, subtle, and so lifelike that you'll want to water it, this fantastic Pothos hanging basket will look great in your home, office, or even outdoor space for years to come. In addition, this is a UV-resistant offering, featuring beautiful Pothos in full splendor, meaning it'll look great outside and indoors. Complete with a hanging basket, this makes a great gift as well. Designer tips:

  • Makes for great coastal décor - An essential part of coastal beach décor is bringing the outdoors in. Full of green color, this lifelike pothos offers a great way to add a touch of nature.
  • Add in a bowl - Look for a white-colored bowl to display your pothos. Accent with a faux hanging plant

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Add instant greenery into bare, everyday environments with this artificial plant boasting a rich overgrowth of sweetgrass foliage designed with UV resistance to allow you the versatility to display it either indoors or outside without fearing damage from the natural elements. Standing 19" high from a black embossed planter, this artificial outdoor plant would make a fine addition to home decor - inside or out!

  • Display on open shelves - Trendy and en vogue, complement your open shelves with some green. This stylish piece requires no maintenance and serves incredible unique coastal decorations.
  • Add in a coastal desk - What better way to increase your creativity and focus than with a little coastal-inspired office? And because your main focus is work in the office, relax with a maintenance-free mini plant.

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Are you into the tropical look? If yes, this artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig plant will transport you to the African jungle. Three different-sized stems rise from faux moss – showcasing large, glossy Fiddle Leaf leaves that look incredibly lifelike. Trick all your friends into thinking that you can grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig in any indoor/outdoor area, outdoor-safe for an extra layer of protection. Standing 5.5' from a white planter (included in height), curate in tight spaces. Perfect for an apartment, bathroom, foyer, awkward corner, or bedroom.

  • Coastal yard décor accent - Consider adding this lifelike fiddle for those spots where you're not sure what to do with it. If you're into the jungle or tropical look, the fiddle won't disappoint.
  • Coastal patio décor - If you're still unsure where to display these artificial trees, consider two doorside on the porch for an elevated look. If you're looking for more porch tips, check out our front porch décor ideas.

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The many different shades of green bring this faux boxwood to life. This faux boxwood is ideal for an entryway or reception area, Bursting out of a white ceramic vase. Its natural color combination ensures a perfect match with any decor.

  • Planter complements any area - When you think of coastal décor, one of the primary colors is white. And because of this, the planter is an excellent way to blend with existing décor.
  • Add in pairs - Make your home cohesive by adding in a cluster of multiples.

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One of nature's more interesting artificial plants is the Fiddle Leaf Tree. The delicate yet sturdy trunk rises from the included planter to fan out into 14 large, green leaves, ready to delicately dance in the breeze. And breezes are delicate, as this re-creation is entirely UV resistant, so feel safe putting it on your patio or anywhere else in your home or office. Makes a unique gift as well.

  • Great coastal outdoor décor - Grab a rattan egg chair and complement the look with a faux fiddle leaf fig in a basket, perfect for those clean vibes. Look at our blog for more outdoor décor ideas.
  • Cover during inclement weather - To ensure the longevity of your new artificial plant, think about covering it during harsh weather.

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At home in your living room and your patio, deck, or garden, this wonderful Areca palm tree is an ideal piece of natural-looking décor. Standing three and a half feet in height, its multiple trunks and more than 500 leaves are fully UV resistant, making it incredibly versatile. Ideal for both home and office decorating, this eastern delight also makes a fine gift.

  • Add in between two chairs - Pull a chair, grab the seat covers and shape the areca to fit your space.
  • Complement with flowers in the bottom - Get that designer look quickly, by adding colorful flora to the top of the planter.

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The perfect accompaniment for your home, office, or even your patio. Standing tall at more than 5 feet in height, it has three trunks and 42 billowing leaves. It's entirely UV resistant, so you can comfortably place it indoors or out. It also never needs water and will look fresh and green for years to come. And if you have a nature lover on your gift list, here's your perfect present.

  • Complement coastal Patio Décor - This is one of the most lifelike fiddles in our collection; we love it because it's so natural and looks real. Add in a coastal-inspired planter for an elevated look.
  • Perfect for coastal outdoor décor - Pair with other green, verdant artificial plants such as dracaenas and palm trees.

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Fiddle Leaf Figs are the "it" plant from the bunch. You know how difficult it is if you've tried growing one indoors. Luckily, you can trick all your friends into thinking you can care for one with this Fiddle Leaf Fig artificial tree. Inspired by nature, sizeable glossy Fiddle leaves have naturally occurring details throughout. Assembled from high-quality materials, feel free to bend the branches to fit in your space. Safe for outdoor use. Standing 4' from a boho-chic basket, house in any area. Perfect for a living room, bathroom, or awkward corner.

  • Save time and money with a plant and planter combo - Save time with beach décor outdoors like this fiddle leaf fig that will take your décor to the next level.
  • Decorate in multiples - The outdoor beach décor looks excellent with similar elements; look for other wooden and jute accents.

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Long and pinnate leaflets in various shades of green bring an ornamental accent to a living space. The Areca Palm Tree is UV resistant making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Complete with a black wash planter and finished with white rocks for a sleek modern look.

  • Add some outdoor coastal wall décor - We know palm trees signify summer, but you can add an element of greenery with coastal wall décor such as wall turf.
  • River rocks complement the style - The river rocks add a great, modern look without any maintenance.

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