10 Ways To Revamp Your Bathroom Farmhouse Decor With Faux Plants

Bathrooms are some of the most relaxing and essential rooms in the whole home, especially if you have a farmhouse-inspired space, it's important to enhance your bathroom's beauty with artificial plants. Bringing natural elements to this room is critical for keeping consistency with home décor throughout the whole home. To create a balanced space, consider mixing the darker and more vital wooden elements with softer finishes such as those found in nature. But because some bathrooms lack windows thus receive little lighting, it can be hard to grow natural plants; we recommend fake plants for bathrooms so you can still get the look. There are benefits of artificial plants for cognitive and mental health, don't be scared to transition into team faux.

You might be weary to try artificial plants because of their bad rep from yesteryear. But feel confident with Nearly Natural's faux plants, crafted by horticulturists from high-quality materials. Inspired by nature, our lifelike artificial greenery is displayed on the covers of magazines, social media influencers' feeds, and the homes of interior designers. Learn more about how artificial plants can help you transform your bathroom into an oasis of green. These are the secrets of interior designers made just for you. Now you can create a space to love without a green thumb or spending a fortune on your bathroom.

1. Measure your space

We know these might not be the most exciting tips, but it's essential to get your space's dimensions still. To measure your area, you're going to need a tape measurer; you can get one at any home improvement store. Next, you're going to make a note of the height and length of this space; as a tip, most homes have ceilings between 8' and 9'. When looking for adequate size, consider a faux plant that is about 1' and .5' shorter than ceilings; this is because if you add a planter, you can elevate the height depending on the size of the planter. Save time and money by getting it right the first time and buying a faux tree that's proportional in your bathroom.

Because bathrooms might be smaller, it's even more critical to maximize the area by ensuring every inch is used up to its potential.

2. Shape your faux plant

Because your artificial plant will arrive in a package, you'll want to shape it, so it looks as lifelike as possible, we recommend looking at the picture as a guide to help you fluff. Here are our top tips when shaping your new artificial greenery

  • Bend the branches downward
    • Remember, you can bend the branches and manipulate them to look a certain way; begin by pushing the leaves downwards.
  • Fluff out the leaves
    • After you bent the branches, take a step back and create a little more space by fluffing each leave in an alternative direction to create a slight curve. This will make the foliage look more natural.
  • Turn the plant around
    • Ensure you cover all your bases and use the image on the product page as a guide to make sure your shaping is complete.

3. Add a faux olive tree

Because artificial olive trees have become a staple in the home décor world, consider adding one in the bathroom. Feel as you're taking an alfresco shower in the Mediterranean, all from the comfort of your home. Think about putting the faux olive tree in the space between the vanity and the toilet; this will create visual interest in an otherwise awkward area. Designer tip: adding the olive tree in a farmhouse planter or one with wooden touches to maintain consistency.

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Featuring a massive height of 82 inches, this artificial olive tree is a perfect vertical accent for your home. It has thin brown stems that branch out with fine and delicate bright green leaves. You've probably seen this customer-favorite tree on social media in any home décor influencer's page.

4. Take a #shelfie by adding plants to the shelves

We know the compact nature of bathrooms makes them a bit more complex to decorate in. Even more so, in those on the smaller side, it can be nearly impossible to add a bit of your farmhouse touch. Any ample space left is usually used for storing essentials and other knickknacks that might look like the trendiest when displayed. This is why adding faux plants to the shelves is an excellent alternative for those otherwise hard-to-decorate areas.

Artificial plants we love for farmhouse bathrooms:

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Create your faux version of a herb garden with this set of artificial rosemary plants, each showcasing a flurry of realistic foliage in everlasting greenery. Available only in a group of two, each of these 12" tall plants come in individual yellow planters that bring a little pop of colors to bathrooms of all sizes.

5. Add hanging plants

This is one of our favorite tips and for a good reason. We often struggle with small spaces and decorating those odd nooks, but it becomes even trickier when there's no area to add more home décor items. But as a space-saving solution, artificial hanging plants can add much-needed freshness without breaking the bank or taking up too much space. Consider adding at least two to have a symmetrical and balanced look. See our top 15 hanging indoor plants.

Why we love this faux hanging plant for the bathroom:

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Lend a pop of color to bare spaces with this hanging set of artificial bougainvillea plants; they are entirely hassle-free. They boast a bright, delicate floral overgrowth contrasted with UV Resistant greenery. Sprouting out from individual hanging baskets, these 28" long bushes are great for indoor and outdoor display.

6. Decorate with loose stems in the countertop

The vanity countertop often has extra space, and people struggle with what item looks cohesive and well-thought of. With farmhouse décor, one of the essential elements – nature – is sometimes brutal to add because of the setup and layouts in bathrooms, but the good news is that you can still achieve the look with some artificial loose stems. Add a little color to your countertop and take it to the next level quickly and effortlessly.

Our favorite loose stem for farmhouse bathrooms:

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This set of four 38-inch traveler's artificial palm leaves will bring a beautiful splash of green into your bathroom. Its delicate lifelike palm leaf in a single stalk will soften any complex environment or muted decor. Place it in a clear vase to flaunt its long and vibrant stem, and arrange it with other artificial palms and flowers to sport a lush arrangement.

7. Add faux plants in the sill

If you have a sill in need of some more color, look into adding a few faux plants for some shade. Before you decide on this style, look for the keywords outdoors or UV resistant in the title, that way, you're on the safe side if they do get wet.

8. Complement bare walls

One of the best ways to add a bit of farmhouse to any space is through wooden touches inspired by the outdoors. Especially in the bathrooms, consider adding a wall décor piece to enhance the look by creating visual interest in bare walls that lack that special touch. The best part is that this tip works in spaces of all sizes.

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Spread love in your home with this distressed wood farmhouse "LOVE" Wall Art Décor. Add some cozy, farmhouse vibes to any bare walls that need a little rustic charm. With a width of 40", complement any area that needs a little love. Perfect for a kitchen, entryway, or living room.

9. Create a living wall

Create a competing look and soften your bathroom with a faux living wall. Because bathrooms tend to have many wooden touches with dramatic finishes, one of the best ways to lighten and freshen the look is by creating an artificial living wall. Not only will this make your space pop, but it also elevates the style giving you an interior designer touch. The definition of farm to table and showering outside. Don't worry. These wall mats are safe for outdoor use.

Living walls we love for farmhouse bathrooms:

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A mix of thick green foliage and small lifelike ferns make this UV-resistant greens and fern wall appear almost natural. Suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes, it can dress up a bland wall. Place several three-foot by three-foot panels on a wall to make a fashionable, natural-looking accent wall.

10. Add a tall faux tree

When you have an awkward space or need to splash a pop of color, think about decorating with a tall faux tree to complement your room without the maintenance. Look for verdant and green fake plants so you can keep a consistent style throughout the whole home. We guarantee your home will enjoy the new plant. Then, add that farmhouse touch by curating it in a rustic-inspired planter.

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The simple elegance of our Corn Stalk Dracaena silk plant is now yours without ever needing to worry about watering or upkeep. Tall, thick, long stalks overlap each other to create multiple levels of beauty as they cascade out in a fountain of green. Those desiring a closer look will be rewarded with views of light patterns against dark green and natural to the touch foliage and stalks.

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