5 Christmas Basket Gift Ideas With Mini Artificial Plants

With the number of holiday parties to attend, why not create gift baskets with little gifts for your loved ones? Leave a long-lasting impression wherever the holidays take you, from a friend’s house to a work party to the family get-together, you can’t go wrong with a basket. Not only is a gift basket fun, but it shows you went the extra mile with a unique gift sure to put a smile on their face. Want to make your present stand out? Add some mini artificial plants that can last through the season and beyond. Don’t worry about fake plants looking tacky, horticulturists with years of experience design every item with meticulous attention to detail to capture mother nature’s beauty at every branch, stem, and leaf.

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What better way to spread holiday cheer than with a mini Christmas tree? Your guest can add these cute pieces to a home office, kitchen, or little nook. The burlap adds a rustic but elevated touch that blends with any décor. The best part is that your guest can customize it to add ornaments and other holiday cheer to the faux tree. It’s the gift that keeps on giving without maintenance. It can last years and serve as a reminder of the admiration and respect you have for this person.

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You know when you stuff your gift basket but you’re not sure how to add a little more flair. How about some trendy stems? Perfect for adding a few for added holiday cheer, faux stems are en vogue and a best-seller among social media influencers and interior designers. Their popularity has grown due to their ease of care and longevity. No more having to replace arrangements every week, it’s a great time-saving alternative. The stem allows the host to DIY and add in their own vase that matches their existing décor.

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Non-traditional baskets are a great idea for when you want to be different and exude. Let’s face it, we want the host to reuse the present. With a cotton basket, you can’t go wrong since there’s so much purpose in having extra storage around the house. Some of our favorite places to house these new planters are the bathroom, living room, guest room, kitchen, or laundry room. We love that these accents can double serve as décor as well. Big enough to add any little plant and decoration, feel free to stuff it to the top. Double the fun.

Add some ribbons

We know that adding Christmas cheer is important to you. That’s why we recommend the low-cost ribbon because it’s an easy way to bring the spirit of the holiday. When looking for a ribbon, consider the classic colors of the season, for something a bit more modern, opt for subtle gold finishes. This creates a timeless look but brings some character into the gift basket. They can even reuse the ribbon for other projects. Our favorite presents are those that keep on giving and the ribbon is a great choice for this.

Create a name tag

Connection is important in feeling that Christmas spirit, gift baskets offer the opportunity to feel closer to your loved ones through your presence. We recommend creating a name tag and adding it to the basket plus writing a note telling the person how thankful you are for having them in your life. Add stickers and other goodies on the note to make that person feel appreciated. The holidays are always a great time to express admiration for those that you love and remind them that they’re always in your thoughts.

The essence of the season is to always show those around you gratitude for their presence throughout the year. And a gift provides a subtle way of showing such admiration, no matter your budget, a thoughtful gift goes a long way, handmade or not, it’s always the thought that counts. From our family to yours, we hope you have a happy holiday.

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