Artificial Plants & Fake Trees Perfect for the Bedroom

The bedroom is often a sanctuary, a place to rest and recharge - and introducing hints of natural beauty can go a long way in helping you achieve that perfect tranquility. With the help of artificial plants, you can easily transform a bare room into a safe haven, free from the daily chaos that is life. Thankfully, whether your room gets flooded by early morning light or relies on brightly lit lamps or sconces, fake plants and artificial trees allow you to appreciate their beauty while tossing all the need for maintenance out the window. Course, if you’re looking to maintain a sense of realism, why not try some of our favorite artificial plants and trees perfect for the bedroom (and in hindsight, a bit of orchids could go a long way beatifying your interiors).

Fake & Artificial Spathiphyllum

Artificial Spathiphyllum Plants:

Also known as the peace lily, this evergreen plant provides abundant beauty throughout its elegant silk blossoms. Position it near a dresser to enliven bare spaces.

Fake & Artificial Parlor Palm

Artificial Parlor Palm Plants:

Transform a bare, empty corner by installing a fake parlor palm tree. Not only with it provide ample color but it’s overgrowth of realistic foliage will instantly breathe life into any environment it inhabits.

Fake & Artificial English Ivy

Artificial English Ivy Plants:

Able to thrive wherever displayed, an artificial English ivy plant allows you the ability to play with texture. Display it from a bedroom window or drape it over a bedside table, letting its trailing vines cascade with natural, lifelike precision.

Fake & Artificial SANSEVIERIA

Artificial Sansevieria Plants:

For a hint of sculptural beauty, position an artificial sansevieria at the foot of your bed; it's tall, slender leaves will bring color while adding a hint of natural beauty.

Fake & Artificial Dracaena Plants

Artificial Dracaena Plants:

An artificial dracaena plant is a great addition to bedroom decor; it brings natural, variegated colors to life while anchoring the space in and around your bedroom.

Fake & Artificial Gerber Daisies

Artificial Gerber Daisies:

For a real punch of coloring, showcase artificial gerber daisies; not only will they evoke instant cheerfulness, but their vivid, year-round coloring will instantly brighten any space.

Fake & Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees:

If you have the space, bring in an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree. Always a great go-to, this faux tree is one of the trendiest at the moment - as it provides an instant focal point wherever displayed.

Fake & Artificial Philodendron

Artificial Philodendron Plants:

With ample greenery, an artificial philodendron plant is a great option for greenifying spaces in the bedroom. On a nightstand, or a dresser, or even on a window ledge, its tendrils nature allows for easy, no maintenance needed beauty.

Fake & Artificial Spider Plants

Artificial Spider Plants:

With natural variegation, an artificial spider plant provides just as much color as its living counterparts. Better yet, the faux edition will flourish no matter where it's displayed, unlike its more finicky, living relative.

Fake & Artificial Aloe Plants

Artificial Aloe Plants:

For adding instant texture, an artificial Aloe Vera plant is the perfect option. It’s handsome coloring and unique shape creates an alluring silhouette and would spruce up the corner of a dresser or bedside table.

For more inspiration head over to our Pinterest Board dedicated to Bedroom Spaces With Artificial Plants

Please note all imagery featured is purely inspiration and not a product of Nearly Natural.

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I am looking for two artificial palm trees that look very good. One five feet high and one six feet high tree. I like them full not skinny or narrow!

Arlene Wagner

How does one clean the large artificial plants. I would love to buy one but I am worried about cleaning the dusty leaves. Help! Thank you,

Yasmine Scallan

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