Decorate with spider plants this year (updated 2022)

Spider plants are some of the most beloved, quirky, and eclectic plants out there – long tendril-looking fronds add texture and green color to any space needing some lush greenery. The hanging spider plant is an excellent choice for lacking space and needing some visual interest. But maintaining natural spider plants can be difficult, especially if they're hanging. So instead, opt for nature-inspired, high-quality faux spider plants – perfect for any space in any room. With 75+ years of experience, Horticulturists design every faux spider plant while paying particular attention to details that mimic nature's beauty. At an affordable price point, everyone can enjoy the benefits of greenery no matter their lifestyle.

The best part about spider plants is their ability to blend with other lush, verdant, and whole trees to enhance the look – bringing jungle vibes to any space. When curated with other plants such as Dracaenas, Pothos, or Fiddle Leaf Figs, you'll see the difference in textures that elevate any look and give it a designer touch.

1. Perfect for tight areas

One of the best reasons that many customers love spider plants is because of their compact size – making them perfect for spaces of all sizes. We know that decorating in a small area can be challenging, but rest assured with the right decorated spider plant, you're on your way to a curated look without any maintenance.

2. Add dimension and depth

Because of the eclectic shape of the fronds, artificial spider plants, complement any space in need of more visual interest. For example, kitchens are a great area to add them because kitchens can always be livened. For example, you can see this in spaces where there are already other plants, but some are not as visually interesting as the spider plant.

3. Affordable

We know that time is money, and money is time. This is why you deserve natural faux spider plants inspired by nature and crafted from high-quality materials. Artificial plants tend to be more affordable in the long run because they can last a while with the proper care and remove the burden of care. Especially for those with a busy lifestyle, faux plants are the perfect alternative for a well-curated space.

4. Timeless

While trends are fun, they're just that – trends. The spider plant is excellent if you're looking for a consistent, always stylish pick. We can't recommend it enough for spaces of all sizes and lifestyles. While the look is timeless, consider changing it as the seasons come by, adding a new planter to reflect the seasons. This is a low-cost, effective method always to keep things fresh.

5. Require no maintenance

We know that most of us have a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. This is even more important when caring for plants that require much care—because of this, opting for a hanging spider plant is a great choice. Just remember to feather dust about once a month so you can ensure the longevity of your new spider plant.

Spider plant decor tips

  1. Buy Artificial Spider Plants - Maintaining snake plants can de difficult; that's why we recommend buying artificial spider plants. They are easier to care for and don't interfere with your busy lifestyle. Always have a verdant, green space.
  2. Curate with snake plants - Who knew? Snakes and Spiders could become the best of friends. We're kidding. But snake plants blend well with spider plants because they have long leaves – complementing each other.
  3. Maintain your spider plant - If you're wondering how to care for artificial plants, we have some tips. While fake is a lot easier to keep up with, we recommend feather dusting about once a month to ensure the longevity of your new plant. Also, many customers prefer to set up a reminder on their phones so they don't forget.
  4. Consider hanging snake plants - Hanging indoor plants elevate your style design because of their vertical features. Consider hanging indoor plants, especially in tight areas that otherwise might not sustain live greenery.
  5. Mix and match with live plants - One of the best ways to make fake plants look more natural is by mixing them with real plants to disguise the look. Unfortunately, this can obscure the fake one, playing a trick on the eye where it can't tell the faux and real ones apart.
  6. Measure your space - This tip is one of the most important. To avoid returns and headaches, first, decide on a space where you want to display your new plant. This will ensure you choose the correct sized one that looks proportional in your area.
  7. Decorate in multiples - Especially with hanging baskets, it's essential to decorate multiples for a cohesive look. For example, think about hanging two spider plants on each side of the kitchen or above a kitchen bar/island.

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