Farmhouse Dining Room Wall Decor Tips

If you’re looking for some decoration that will spruce up the interior of your home, look no further. These days, the new craze in breathing some life into your room is by adding natural and artificial plants.

However, if you’re the type of person who is too busy to care for your plants fret not. Artificial plants will do the job beautifully, just like natural plants incorporate greenery and color.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some fake plant wall decor tips to give you some ideas. Of course, the farmhouse theme will look fabulous with all these fake plants decorated in your home. Here are some farmhouse dining room wall decor tips to spice up your dining areas.

Artificial Floor Plants

An artificial olive tree decorated in a corner next to a framed artwork

Adding artificial floor plants on the corner of your dining room adds color and life to the interior of your home and makes good use of the unused space in the room. It’s out of the way, so it’s not a nuisance for those passing by in the area. Tall floor plants create a contrast between the floor and the dining room walls that blend well with any decoration or theme you have set in that house area.

For instance, check this artificial olive tree. Its height is excellent for rooms with a high ceiling, which makes good use of available space. Moreover, it blends well in rooms with farmhouse, this is why many leading influencers love this best-selling faux tree.

Framed Wall Art

Framed pictures on a light colored wall in a dining room

To go along with the farmhouse theme, try using some framed wall art to decorate the plain walls of your dining room. It creates good contrast and adds color throughout the whole room. Many framed wall art have subjects of landscapes or are still life paintings. It can also be framed wall art of plants, leaves, and the like to keep the theme and decor consistent. You can also frame images of your family.

Complement Wall Decor with Artificial Trees

There is no doubt that wall decor plays an essential role in attaining the farmhouse look. However, it is equally important to complement it with something else. Otherwise, the overemphasis on wall decor can make the entire look cluttered. This is where artificial trees come into the picture. Choosing suitable artificial trees makes it easy to make the dining room appear more rustic and bigger. In fact, with the right one, the dining room seems airy.

Go with something like the 82" Artificial Olive Tree, which fulfills all these requirements. It is comparatively a massive option at 82 inches. The excellent height makes the tree appear more significant than it is. The design provides a rustic look. Another advantage of the minimalistic design is the airy appearance that it offers.

Along with the pot, the tree is designed to place it in a corner that won't occupy much space. Putting two of them in each corner can further enhance the dining room's appeal. Versatility ensures it goes well with any decor. Since it is artificial, not much maintenance is needed. Dust it once a month, and it will look as good as new. The point is that adding something like this artificial Olive tree can work wonders for the dining room decor.

Faux Hanging Plants

A faux hanging plant in wood basket from Nearly Natural suspended in mid-air

Putting low faux hanging plants next to the windows emphasizes wall decors as it draws the eye to them. Since they are at more or less eye level, you will immediately be drawn to the set and how well it blends in with the room.

Suspended plants allow their stems or vines to have space below, which is a plus if you want a fully vertical plant decoration. Get creative with how you pot your plants and what type of materials you will use to hang them. One tip is to use textured materials such as rattan or wood and some rope or strong twine string.

Vintage Artificial Plants

Nearly Natural's Mini Jade Garden Artificial Plant in Hanging Planter

Wall-mounted plants can elevate the look of the dining room with the way they are incorporated into the walls. Look at this artificial plant designed to be hung along the walls of the room. This 7” Mini Jade Garden Artificial Plant in Hanging Planter in a Hanging Planter creates a beautiful accent that is perfect for any theme along the lines of boho, minimalist, and modern farmhouse.

Hanging Wreaths

Nearly Natural's mini hanging artificial wreath

Artificial wreaths are popularly hung during the holidays, but these can be used as a simple decoration. It can be turned on doors, windows, cabinets, and any nook or cranny of the room imaginable. It can even be used to decorate mirrors as it adds a fun twist to how you spice up the room. Of course, depending on the leaves or plants used for the wreath will dictate the room's overall vibe since wreaths are mostly statement pieces in terms of decor.

More Wall Art - Inspiration Words

Wall art doesn't just mean artistic or abstract pictures. One must not forget that while choosing the wall art for the farmhouse look, inspirational messages and frames work great. With the amount of time a homeowner spends on their dining room, some inspirational message can undoubtedly uplift the spirit of the homeowner. Not only that, wood-styled inspirational messages take the farmhouse look to an entirely new level. The message in the wall art is such that it creates a sense of harmony and family spirit at home. In addition, it will imbibe the feeling of togetherness in whoever is reading the message. For example, this 25" Farmhouse Wood Inspirational Wall Art fulfills this requirement.

As for the look, it is the perfect rustic look that can attract the attention of anyone who enters the dining room

The 25" size further makes it ideal for the dining room wall. Search for an inspirational farmhouse-style wall art ends here. Anyone looking to add such an element to the dining room wall must go with this one. This wall art shows that a dash of inspiration on the dining room wall in the rustic style certainly works well for the farmhouse decor.

Emphasize Spaces and Walls with Artificial Greenery

Artificial Greenery has numerous advantages in a farmhouse-style dining room. To start with, artificial plants and trees are often vertical in their form factor. Adding such an element to the dining room makes the ceiling appear at a greater height than it is. This is one of the hacks most remodelers and interior designers use to enhance the dining room's appearance. A great choice is the jade garden plant in hanging planter

Besides this, artificial Greenery is often set against the wall. This way, the appearance of the wall is further enhanced as it is in the backdrop of the Greenery. What might have been an ordinary wall earlier is now an excellent backdrop.

In a nutshell, spruce up dining room spaces with artificial plants, and there is no need to worry about introducing numerous elements in the dining room to enhance its look and complete the farmhouse decor.

Hanging Plants

A hanging plant suspended above a resting cute doggie

Artificial hanging plants, as mentioned above, are good additions to the room, especially near windows. Again, use the vertical space available in your home and hang the plants as high or as low as you would prefer. Just make sure that it is within reach when cleaning off the dust accumulated on your plants. Especially if you have a tight area, consider adding a few in a room for an elevated look.


There are many ways to decorate your home using artificial plants. These can be hung, wall-mounted, or potted and rested on the floor. Variations in how you use your plant decorations will genuinely make a difference because of how the eye is drawn to certain areas of the room. So use your creativity and these tips to create the perfect farmhouse-themed dining room!

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