Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor Tips

Farmhouse themed kitchen wall can undoubtedly stand out. While many homeowners want to opt for the farmhouse decor but aren't sure where to start, fake plant wall décor tips are sure to impress you.

This post provides a handful of tips to achieve the right farmhouse kitchen wall décor with farmhouse dining room tips. The tips below consist of the ideas and the products like the best artificial plants for the kitchen that a homeowner can use to attain the right look.

1. Add Artificial Plants to Floating Shelves

Small artificial plant decorated on a floating white shelf

Adding some artificial greenery to the kitchen can indeed change its look. It is better to go with artificial floor plants because they do not require watering. More so, adding such plants brightens up the kitchen and can create a focal point when it comes to design. How these plants are installed matters a lot as well. With floating shelf decor, the kitchen looks aesthetically pleasing, and the placement of the artificial plants can be modified as per the homeowner's wish.

Wondering where to buy such plants? Worry not! Get a set of plants like the Mixed Succulent Artificial Plant sold here. The highlight of this set is the realistic look. It is easy to create a cluster of plants using a set of four. Scattering the plants and achieving that is equally easy to make a larger-than-life appearance. The rustic pots they come with will not require any additional shelf décor.

Nothing better to create the farmhouse look than with these plants and shelves.

2. Decorate with Wall Art

A modern looking kitchen with framed pictures decorated on a wall

The farmhouse look of the kitchen wall isn't complete without adding wall art. However, instead of choosing any wall art, choose one which comes with a wooden frame.

Wondering why so?

Firstly, adding wall art in a wooden frame makes adding texture to the kitchen wall easy. Apart from that, introducing color to the kitchen walls is easier. Of course, when picking wooden art, the color scheme of the art, the design, and the depiction matters a lot. Nevertheless, it is easy to find something that completes the farmhouse look and complements it.Giving the wall an individual and a creative look is easier than ever using wall art. It is necessary to attain the perfect farmhouse kitchen wall decor. Check out our faux hanging plants.

3. More Wall Art - Inspiration Words

A sign with inspiration words carved in wood next to a chair and artificial plant

Wall art doesn't just mean artistic or abstract pictures. One must not forget that while choosing the wall art for the farmhouse look, inspirational messages and frames work great. With the amount of time a homeowner spends on their kitchen, some inspirational message can undoubtedly uplift the spirit of the homeowner.

Not only that, wood-styled inspirational messages take the farmhouse look to an entirely new level.

The message in the wall art is such that it creates a sense of harmony and family spirit at home. In addition, it will imbibe the feeling of togetherness in whoever is reading the message. For example, this 25" Farmhouse Wood Inspirational Wall Art fulfills this requirement.

As for the look, it is the perfect rustic look that can attract the attention of anyone who enters the kitchen. The 25" size further makes it ideal for the kitchen wall. Search for an inspirational farmhouse-style wall art ends here. Anyone looking to add such an element to the kitchen wall must go with this one.

This wall art shows that a dash of inspiration on the kitchen wall in the rustic style certainly works well for the farmhouse decor.

4. Complement Wall Decor with Artificial Trees

Artificial olive tree from Nearly Natural decorated next to a large indoor mirror

There is no doubt that wall decor plays an essential role in attaining the farmhouse look. However, it is equally important to complement it with something else. Otherwise, the overemphasis on wall decor can make the entire look cluttered. This is where artificial trees come into the picture. Choosing suitable artificial trees makes it easy to make the kitchen appear more rustic and bigger. In fact, with the right one, the kitchen seems airy.

Go with something like the 82" Artificial Olive Tree, which fulfills all these requirements. It is comparatively a massive option at 82 inches. The excellent height makes the tree appear more significant than it is. The design provides a rustic look. Another advantage of the minimalistic design is the airy appearance that it offers.

Along with the pot, the tree is designed to place it in a corner that won't occupy much space. Putting two of them in each corner can further enhance the kitchen's appeal. Versatility ensures it goes well with any decor. Since it is artificial, not much maintenance is needed. Dust it once a month, and it will look as good as new. The point is that adding something like this artificial Olive tree can work wonders for the kitchen decor.

5. Emphasize Spaces and Walls with Artificial Greenery

An artificial olive tree in a kitchen corner

Artificial Greenery has numerous advantages in a farmhouse-style kitchen. To start with, artificial plants and trees are often vertical in their form factor. Adding such an element to the kitchen makes the ceiling appear at a greater height than it is. This is one of the hacks most remodelers and interior designers use to enhance the kitchen's appearance. A great choice is the jade garden plant in hanging planter

Besides this, artificial Greenery is often set against the wall. This way, the appearance of the wall is further enhanced as it is in the backdrop of the Greenery. What might have been an ordinary wall earlier is now an excellent backdrop.

In a nutshell, spruce up kitchen spaces with artificial plants, and there is no need to worry about introducing numerous elements in the kitchen to enhance its look and complete the farmhouse decor.

6. Decorate the Countertop

A kitchen countertop decorated with stunning artificial plants from Nearly Natural

Until now, the post discussed adding plants and trees against the backdrop of a wall. The truth is, artificial plants are an excellent choice to decorate the countertop.

Wondering how so?

  • Artificial plants can help add a bit of color to the countertop.
  • They can maximize the sense of space in the kitchen.
  • Pots that come along with the artificial plants can break the kitchen decor monotony.

In a way, farmhouse kitchen counter decor with artificial plants helps enhance the theme even more.

7. Add Hanging Plants

A hanging plant from nearly natural hanging from a floating shelf in a kitchen

Lastly, add some hanging artificial plants to the kitchen decor. These plants have their advantages like:

  • Going with hanging plants can free up a lot of space in the kitchen while still enhancing the kitchen's look.
  • Maintaining the hanging plants is much easier.
  • Right choice of hanging plants can add to the rustic charm because of their pots.

So, adding hanging plants to the kitchen is a win-win situation.


Creating the perfect farmhouse kitchen wall decor is undoubtedly possible using the seven tips above. The post above consists of not just the tips but also the resources needed to complete that look. It is now time to achieve the perfect farmhouse look for the kitchen wall.

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