How to Design Your Dream Yard with Artificial Topiaries

Who doesn’t love the whimsy of a topiary? Decorating with them can make your yard feel like an English garden, an Italian escape, or even something out of a fairy tale. 

But decorating with live topiaries isn’t always practical. Maybe you don’t have time or interest in taking care of plants. It could be that topiaries might not survive in your climate. Or, you’ve looked into designing your yard with topiaries, but the cost was too high. If any of these problems are standing between you and your dream topiariary yard, we have the solution: artificial topiaries. 

The Benefits of Yard Design with Artificial Topiaries

Savvy homeowners are increasingly turning to artificial landscape ideas as they design their front or backyards. 

In areas where lawn watering might be restricted, or for those concerned about their water usage, artificial trees and fake shrubs keep a yard looking lush and green, without needing to be watered. For those who aren’t interested in the care that live plants require, but still want to enjoy colorful blooms and greenery, fake plants are a low-maintenance option. 

Artificial plants are also cost-effective. Today’s high quality artificial plants keep their like-new appearance for 5-10 years. Instead of buying real plants every time you want a refresh, simply keep a small supply of artificial ones you can rotate through based on the seasons or your moods. 

Another reason to go artificial is safety. Some real plants can be toxic if ingested by your pets. For humans, allergies are sometimes a concern. Artificial plants keep everyone safe. 

Are Artificial Topiaries UV Resistant?

One concern that often comes up when homeowners are considering decorating their yards with artificial shrubs, flowers, and trees, is whether or not they will fade or become damaged by the sun. 

It’s a valid concern, but it has a simple answer: UV-resistant plants. Just like our skin, fake shrubs and other artificial plants can become damaged if exposed unprotected to the sun’s UV rays. Over time, and without anything to block it, these rays will cause the color in your artificial plants to fade, and could even start to weaken the material, leading to cracks and erosion. 

But just like you use sunscreen to protect your skin from these damaging rays, artificial plants can also be coated to resist UV damage. 

UV-resistant plants have been treated with a blocker sprayed onto them during manufacturing. This substance absorbs the UV rays, protecting the plant’s color and structure, and ultimately giving your outdoor artificial plants a longer lifespan. 

If you’re designing a sunny yard with topiaries, be sure to look for ones that are UV-resistant. Nearly Natural has numerous UV-resistant options for you to choose from. 

How to Use Artificial Topiaries in the Yard

Now that you know the benefits of using faux plants in your yard design, let’s look at some artificial landscape ideas using topiaries. No matter the size of your back or front yard - or even if your “yard” is a balcony! - topiaries can play a role in creating your dream outdoor look.

By the pool

Turn your pool or hot tub into an eye-catching oasis with topiaries. Frame the area with an evenly spaced row of matching fake shrubs or trees to create symmetry. Or, cluster topiaries in a corner for a statement piece or to create separation with another part of your yard. Topiaries can also be used to mask less attractive parts of pool ownership, such as mechanical or electric installments. Or, to hide a hot tub when not in use. 


On the patio

Topiaries on a patio will make you feel like you’re dining in the garden of a European castle. If your patio is set against the side of your home, place artificial topiary trees along your home’s siding to give your outdoor table a greener view. You can also place topiary trees near the table and add strings of lights to enjoy a sparkling evening dining experience. 

To create multiple areas in your yard

There are times when you want to create separate spaces in your yard, whether it’s to indicate dining vs. lounging areas, or to mark an area for your kids’ playsets. Faux topiaries help you separate your yard while adding greenery and keeping the look appealing. A row or cluster of topiary trees will mark where one area of the yard ends and the other begins. 

By the entryway door

Boost your home’s curb appeal and greet your guests in style with a set of matching topiaries framing your entryway. Add additional visual interest and color by hanging an artificial wreath on the door and placing flower baskets or artificial shrubs on the ground next to the topiaries. 

An additional artificial landscape idea for your front yard is to place one faux topiary slightly off center to the middle of your home, as a statement piece. This works especially well with smaller front yards that need a simple pop of landscaping. 

For added privacy

Need a little extra privacy for your yard or balcony? A row of fake trees like topiaries acts like a fence or privacy wall, giving your space some much needed breathing room from your neighbors, a busy courtyard, street, or other shared space. Areas that you might consider for added privacy include pools, hot tubs, dining tables, and kids play areas. 

Your dream yard, courtesy of artificial topiaries

Whether you want to create a whimsical English garden look in your backyard, add curb appeal to your front yard, perk up a patio area or add privacy to your home, artificial topiaries can help you achieve your dream look. High quality topiaries from Nearly Natural look like the real deal and are constructed with durable materials to ensure you can enjoy yours for years to come. 

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