The 5 Best Farmhouse Dining Room Decor Tips with Artificial Plants

Farmhouse style has a way of making us feel cozy and at home. The farmhouse dining room style may seem pretty simple, but it requires a lot of thought, and; we're here to help you make your dining room look its best!

Using artificial plants in your dining room decor is an easy, affordable way to add color and warmth to the room. They are perfect for those individuals who may not have green thumbs (or don't want to take the time). We've put together five of our favorite farmhouse dining room decors incorporating artificial plants.

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1. Incorporate Wreath

This olive faux wreath is a solid choice for decorating year-round. However, to make the most of this product, we recommend that you hang it on the most prominent wall decor in your home. This will allow visitors to see the faux wreath upon entering your home and allow you to draw attention to your choice of decor. If you're looking for a way to make your home feel extra cozy, why not try incorporating this elegant olive wreath? This authentic-looking wreath is the perfect way to warm up your home and add some farmhouse cheer. The olive leaves are beautifully arranged in a circular pattern, and the leaves are accented with lifelike olives for a sense of realism. Consider adding it in the middle of the dining table if your table is round. Otherwise, think about hanging a wreath on a wall.

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2. Add Hanging Plants

Hanging plants, such as artificial plants are a great way to add a little extra life to your home without taking up space. Hanging plants give the illusion that they are floating in space, making your room look more open. This particular plant is UV-resistant and can be kept indoors or outdoors, so you'll be able to enjoy it year-round. It comes in a basket, so all you have to do is find the right hook for your ceiling and hang it up as a farmhouse dining table decor idea! If you have a high ceiling, hanging plants are a perfect choice. Hanging plants can also be used on walls or set on a high shelf. For people who may not possess much floor space, hanging plants may be the right way to save space. They can also be hung in corners where little else fits. Especially in apartments and townhomes, you can't go wrong with this pick.

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3. Add Large Floor Plants

Large floor plants are an easy way to change any room quickly. They add interest and depth and, in many cases, can fill up a lot of space that might otherwise be empty or boring. In the case of this 7' Traveler's Palm Artificial Tree, it also looks great when paired with other plants, and the silky-soft leaves help create a sense of calm in whatever space you put them in. You can add this plant in a gorgeous resin pot that looks like natural wood, making it easy to pair with any decorating style making it great farmhouse kitchen décor. The leaves are soft and large and come in different shades of green, giving the tree a feeling of vibrancy. It's suitable for use indoors or in open spaces and is UV-rated. Although therefore, it may not fade over time when placed outdoors, you should still maintain it as you would to any outdoor furniture. In addition, it's tall (over 7 feet), making it perfect for filling up empty spaces in larger rooms or making entryways feel extra welcoming.

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4. Shiplap Wall Decor with Wall Art & Artificial Plants

Shiplap walls are a great way to add character to your home, but they can be challenging to decorate. Undoubtedly, we've provided a guide that may help someone make the most out of this beautiful addition. Especially in a large dining room, the shiplap wall adds a nice detail and gives the space more visual interest especially with farmhouse dining room wall décor. You'll also need some artificial plants (we recommend succulents) and wall art with frames that have been painted white or light grey. You may also want to get an area rug in a neutral color - this will help tie everything together! Be sure to clean frequently since the dining room can get messy. Note: If there are outlets on your wall where you plan to put them back after installing shiplap boards, do so now before installing anything else! Otherwise, it could cause problems when trying to drill holes through them later down the road because there won't be enough room between each board for screws.

5. Add a Faux Centerpiece to Your Farmhouse Dining Table

A faux centerpiece is a perfect addition to a farmhouse dining table. The product features a bed of greens with soft flowers in white and yellow tones, which won't wilt or become damaged. You can keep this centerpiece on your table throughout the seasons and never have to worry about replacing it. The full size of this arrangement is 15" tall by 9" wide by 9" deep, so it's not too large to add to a smaller style dining table. In addition, it features real touch materials that feel like the real thing but won't require any upkeep from you. Simply place the centerpiece on your table and admire how it looks with the rest of your farmhouse decor!

Final Thoughts!

If you love the idea of an arrangement in your dining room but have a small space to work with, then create your own unique design that will give a sense of warmth and room feel to any small or large dining experience.

There are various ways that homeowners can use to improve their home decor. Those looking to enhance the beauty of their homes or workplaces through dining table decor can use the ideas we have provided above.

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