The Perfect Palms for Indoors and Outdoors

Ahhh, palm trees. Those plants that make you think of vacation, desert oases, and tropical islands. 

But did you know they’re also an exceptionally versatile plant for home decorating? And we’re not just talking by the swimming pool or on the patio. Although, those spots are also great for palm tree decor.

In reality, palm trees work well in a range of indoor and outdoor home decorating schemes. And if you’re worried about how you’re going to take care of live palm trees inside or outside of your home, Nearly Natural has the solution: Faux palms. 

Why use artificial palm trees?

High-quality artificial palm trees look like the real deal, but are much easier to maintain. 

Not everyone has a green thumb, or is home enough to be able to take care of live plants and trees. Faux palms don’t need water, sunlight, repotting, trimming, or other plant care.  They look as lush as the day you bought them, no matter your schedule or gardening abilities. 

What’s more, artificial palm trees have a long lifespan - usually 5-10 years, depending on the materials used - making them a cost-effective option for homeowners and decorators. 

Finally, fake palms are happy in any climate. Even if palms aren’t native to your region, or if your local climate or weather patterns are palm-friendly, you don’t have to worry about faux palms. They can thrive anywhere they’re “planted.” 

Are artificial palms UV-resistant?

If you want to add faux palms to a sunny spot in your backyard or on your balcony, you might be worried about damage from the sun. And with good reason - the sun’s UV rays can absolutely damage unprotected artificial palm trees

Over time, and without anything to block it, UV rays can cause the color in your artificial plants to fade, and could even start to weaken the material, leading to cracks and other signs of damage.

That’s why it’s important to consider UV-resistant palms for outdoor decorating.

UV-resistant palms have been treated with a blocker sprayed onto them during manufacturing. This substance absorbs the UV rays, protecting the plant’s color and structure. Ultimately, this protection gives your outdoor artificial plants a longer lifespan, further increasing their cost effectiveness. 

Now that you know the benefits of adding faux palm decor inside and outside your home, let’s explore the best looks for each location. 

Palms for porches and front doors

One of the best ways to decorate the front of your home with faux palm decor is by placing matching palm trees on each side of the door. This framing is a decorator’s trick for creating instant curb appeal. Opt for palms in white planters, like this Travelers’ Palm, for an easy, all-in-one design. 

Another idea is to add a perfectly-spaced row of hanging palm baskets to the front porch, giving your home a light touch of the tropics without going full vacation mode. This classic front porch look gets a modern twist by opting for palms instead of the more traditional hanging fern or flower baskets. 

For small front yards, a single faux palm placed off center to the front door creates a simple but effective design statement. We like a Robellini Palm for its classic palm silhouette. 

Palms for backyards

Naturally, fake palms look right at home next to a pool or patio area in the backyard. A grouping of them can even be used to create privacy around a pool area if that’s lacking. Or, place them around a hot tub, also for privacy. Bonus: since the tub is usually smaller than the pool, it doesn't take many palms to give this area an instant lush tropical escape feel. 

Golden Cane palm trees work well in these areas, as their wide, fanning stems make it easier to add privacy. 

Upgrade your outdoor dining area with a cluster of faux palms placed next to or surrounding the dining table. Add warm white LED lights to the trees to give a dreamy glow to your evening meals al fresco. We like the Cycas Palm, whose top heavy bloom is easy to string with lights.  

Palms for balconies

Depending on the size of your balcony, both trees and/or planters can work in this area. Again, faux palm trees can give an urban balcony a bit of privacy from the neighboring units. If your balcony is on the smaller size, a set of palm bushes in planters will do the trick without taking up too much space. 

Palms for indoors

Moving to the inside of your home, the options for indoor fake palm decor are numerous. Starting in the kitchen, a single fan palm spray in a vase serves as an unexpected accent for a small table or a coffee station. Kitchen window sills are also excellent spots to place an eye-catching palm frond or small palms in pots. 

In the living room, large indoor fake palm trees fill empty spaces or corners with lush greenery. Try an 8’ King Palm in a living or family room corner. Double Stalk Golden Cane palms in a decorative basket also work in these areas of the home. 

Faux palms are a natural fit for entryways. Again, place a palm in a decorative basket in an unused corner of the foyer to add a pop of color. Smaller tabletop palms also add interest and dimension to an entryway table.

Lastly, liven up a low-light bathroom with indoor fake palms that make the space feel like your own private spa. For example, try placing the Areca Palm in this soothing floral pot next to the tub or sink. Smaller bathrooms are another place where the indoor fake palm fronds can be a decorator’s best friend. Place one in a vase on your sink counter to add life to this functional space. 

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