Top 10 Artificial Hanging Plants for Outdoors - Holiday Edition

When looking for outdoor decorations during the holidays, you might consider adding as much green as possible to enhance the look. There’s nothing a little green can’t do to warm up your space during the winter. And what better way to create a well-curated space than with some faux hanging plants for the patio. The good news is that you’re in the right place, because we craft the most realistic faux greenery out there. With 75+ years of experience in the live plant industry, we mimic mother nature’s beauty at every stem and branch and craft high-quality artificial plants for everyone to enjoy mother nature’s beauty.

How to hang plants from the ceiling

Step 1 – Inspect your space to discover which materials you might need when attaching the artificial hanging plant. You’ll most likely need a hook kit, drill bits, and a ladder.

Step 2 - Choose a spot where you’ll want to display your new hanging faux plant. Then, drill a hole smaller than the one needed for your new plant; remember to use the drill bit.

Step 3 - Add the bolt into the hole you created and ensure it fits correctly after screwing the hook on the bolt. Finally, you can attach it to the string and watch as your new faux hanging plant moves with the wind.

Bring your outdoor area to life

You might be struggling with the winter blues this season but need not worry; what better way to add some color to your outdoor area than with some UV-resistant faux plants perfect for every season.Bring your outdoor area to life with out realistic artificial greenery. Maintaining a verdant garden during the winter has its challenges, but you can still achieve your outdoor dream area with the top 5 most realistic outdoor plants. Nature-inspired and crafted from high-quality materials by horticulturists with over 75+ years in the live plant industry, update your outdoor décor quickly and effortlessly without any maintenance. Learn more about transforming your porch into a winter wonderland with our popular guide: front porch décor ideas for spring 2022. Whether your space is large or small, feel confident that hanging outdoor artificial plants will help you achieve your dream look without maintenance.

There are times when you need more than one artificial plant to bring a burst of life and color to your indoor or outdoor space. Thankfully, this artificial geranium plant is perfect for that! It contains three vertically stacked colorful baskets with red, yellow, and pink blooms poking out against the rich green leaves. Plus, it comes fully UV-resistant, making it perfect for that sunny spot in your sun room, kitchen, or even outdoors on your patio wall with other potted plants. A wall decor planter with rustic appeal comes included.

Design Tip:

  • Add some lights to make the color stand out
  • Consider putting bows on the top
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Add some cozy vibes to your home with this inspirational "family rules" wall art décor. Lovely words to help you start the day are plastered on this rustic, charming wall décor. Standing 25", this textured wall décor is perfect for adding in a kitchen, entryway, or bathroom to spread some family love.

Design Tip:

  • Display in the kitchen or a family room
  • Put the Christmas stockings under this display for a rustic look
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Light up your favorite seasonal accents while adding serious curb-side appeal with this artificial Christmas wreath intricately designed from realistic looking pine foliage in a palette of seasonal evergreens, carefully accented throughout with faux pinecones that look incredibly realistic. Arriving pre-strung with 150 clear LED lights to effortlessly illuminate either a wall or door, this 48” (in diameter) decorative wreath makes for an inviting accent and will undoubtedly transform any entrance all throughout the holiday season. Perfect for a large space in need of some holiday cheer.

Design Tip:

  • Hang in a large home with high ceilings
  • Complement with smaller wreaths throughout
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Colors are bold and are meant to draw the eye. Equipped with several blooms, it'll be hard to miss this statement piece. Green foliage complements the vibrant blooms and adds volume to the artificial geranium hanging basket.

Design Tip:

  • Complete with some Poinsettias
  • Hang in a trio for an elevated look and feel
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Here's our perfect silk recreation of the wonderful Bougainvillea plant, in a gorgeous hanging basket. The fluffy leaves and blooms of the Bougainvillea burst out of the basket, and then gently cascade downward to give a look that has to be seen to be believed. Plus, this silk beauty will never need a drop of water, so you can hang it anywhere. Buy one for your home, and one as a gift for that hard to please person.

Design Tip:

  • Add to a covered patio close to the Christmas tree
  • Feather dust about once a month
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Certain plants just look great in a hanging basket, and the Begonia is no exception. This beautiful specimen has a full 10” basket, which is surrounded by a literal cascade of reds and greens. The small (but prominent) blooms provide the prefect compliment to the beautiful pointed leaves and green stalks. Best of all, it’ll stay beautiful with no dripping water – ever!!

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We'll admit it - we love the Bird's Nest Fern! When it's at its peak, there's no plant that looks "greener", with its large, shiny cascading leaves that gently billow forth. This hanging basket captures a Bird's nest Fern in all its glory, and forever preserves it for you. Looking fresh and lush without water or care, this beautiful hanging basket will grace your home or office décor for years to come.

Design Tips:

  • Inject tropical vibes aganist the backdrop of the Christmas decor
  • Add some festive cheer by adding ornaments
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Delicate yet bold, simple yet busy, striking yet understated - these all describe this wonderful Bougainvillea hanging basket. At 28", it's big enough to fill any space. But the soft white blooms and cascading green leaves combine to please the eye with their low-key beauty. Completing the picture is the decorative hanging basket. The best part is it'll stay looking fresh for year, without care or water. Makes a fine gift too.

Designer Tips:

  • Contrast the white with some red flowers and add texture
  • Looks great in multiples
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Make your rustic dreams come true with this Artificial Christmas Wreath. Inspired by nature, soft-hued evergreens are accented by pine cones, berries, and twigs for a messy yet modern farmhouse look. Display your personality on any bare wall or door. With a diameter of 30", get ready to hang in any area in need of a little Christmas love. Complements rustic, modern farmhouse or any other style decor.

Design Tips:

  • Has a chic, yet rustic look, perfect for any space
  • Complete the look with an evergreen faux Christmas tree
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Love wreaths? Take your Christmas décor to the next level with this Christmas lantern artificial wreath. Designed from high-quality materials, evergreens in a counterclockwise motion are accented by pinecones and berries. To make things brighter, a lantern in a dark finish has an LED candle in the center. With a diameter of 28", set the scene for an intimate night with friends. Illuminate a bare wall.

Designer Tip:

  • The faux candle adds a warm glow
  • Pinecones deliver a rustic, yet homey look
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