Transition Your Fall Decor into Winter with These 6 Easy Ideas

Incorporate red & white colors into your designs

It's almost time to say goodbye to those vibrant, bright hues of fall. Although the picturesque colors of the season are some of the most beautiful in the world, they create a sense of coziness and bring us closer to nature. But, as we turn a new leaf, it's time to start thinking about the future and incorporating winter elements. Transitioning into winter doesn't have to happen overnight; you can gradually add little bits of the new season in tiny pieces. As a start, our interior decorators recommend incorporating red and white in your space through the use of Christmas trees and another festive décor. For example, the day after Thanksgiving, start by putting up the Christmas tree, but you can leave the fall decorations until December. Then, to stretch the dollar even more, consider our best Christmas trees under $200. 

Incorporate small artificial christmas trees

If you still want to wait a bit longer to put up the Christmas tree, one idea is to add a small artificial Christmas tree. The kids' room is a great place to start and keep them busy while you're tackling the never-ending to-do-list. Decorate your kids room for Christmas, says our interior decorators; it helps them unleash their creativity and have some fun. Here's our top 3 small artificial Christmas trees for tight areas.

Spread Christmas cheer to your tabletops with this desktop artificial Christmas tree. Recreate a snowy winter wonderland with the snow dusting on the thick branches. Hang all your favorite Christmas ornaments quickly and effortlessly, and you can even illuminate with your favorite lights. Standing 21” from a decorative planter, add to any desktop. Perfect for a kids’ room, office or mantel.

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Create your own mini Christmas wonderland and rock around this Artificial Christmas Tree. Incredibly lifelike textured branches mimic real evergreens for a sturdy construction. This pre-lit artificial Christmas tree comes with lights and has upward-sloping branches – allowing you to decorate with mini-ornaments of your choice easily.

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Evoke hints of the holiday spirit on bare surfaces with the help of this miniature artificial Christmas tree. This versatile artificial Christmas tree boasts a collection of realistic looking pine foliage made up of bendable branches for easy and effortless decorating.

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Incorporate fresh winter finds

As the trends evolve, winter décor follows as well. Here at Nearly Natural, we've seen many people flock to more minimalist and straightforward styles. A far cry from the traditional look many of us probably grew up seeing. But, while this new trend has taken social media by storm, you can decorate for the season any way you'd like. You can even mix and match this unique style with traditional décor and create your new style. The beauty is that you can be as maxi or minimalist, as vibrant and colorful or refined as your space allows you to. Christmas décor is unique because you don't necessarily have to follow your home's style. Here's our top 3 trending winter products for every space and budget.

Spill-top pine leaves in holiday green make a unique tabletop display. Welcome the season with lush foliage to accent the coffee table or showcase the fireplace mantel. The textured vase design gives attention to detail while adjustable leaves can be formed to suit their purpose.

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Sometimes, the classics are the best. And that's certainly the case with this 24" cedar wreath. We've taken our perfect recreations of cedar foliage and culled it into a spiral of lush warmth. Leave it alone for a stately presence that permeates "classic".

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A classic brought to life; this 60” pine & pinecone garland will have you welcoming the holiday season in style. Perfect for a more “traditional” look, this garland is a full five feet of soft (faux) pine needles, adorned with perfectly recreated pine cones.

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Add a winter wreath

Wreaths are some of our holiday favorites for greeting all guests with a welcoming hello. Even for those who lack space, wreaths allow us to decorate for Christmas in a small space. No matter your style or budget, explore wreaths expertly crafted from high-quality materials. Many customers add wreaths in non-traditional places, including on top of beds, on mantels, or bare corners. If you're feeling more festive, explore wreaths with pinecones, berries and other fun accents. We even have red, pink, white and more—a color for every palette. Our top 3 wreaths

Add the WOW factor to your holiday décor with this flocked artificial Christmas wreath intricately designed from realistic looking pine foliage in a palette of seasonal evergreens flocked in a coat of faux-snow, carefully accented throughout with faux pinecones and berries that look incredibly realistic.

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Light up your favorite seasonal accents while adding serious curb-side appeal with this artificial Christmas wreath intricately designed from realistic looking foliage in a palette of seasonal evergreens and accented throughout with Christmas lights to effortlessly illuminate either a wall or door, this 24’ (in diameter) decorative wreath makes for an inviting accent and will undoubtedly transform any entrance all throughout the holiday season.

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Add a hint of delicate beauty to your seasonal decor with this artificial wreath boasting realistic looking olive greenery, beautifully accented with silk poinsettia blossoms in signature, winter hues. Intricately designed and finely constructed 21” wide, it makes a fine addition to holiday decor.

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Turn your staircase, entryway or mantel into a focal point

One of the best ways to create a focal point when you're stuck on where to start transitioning your décor is the staircase; this is a great place to start because it's pretty simple to decorate. First, measure the length of your staircase to determine how many garlands you might need. As a tip: you'll probably need multiple, at least 1-3 depending on the size of your space. As a complementary accent, add a wreath if you have a wall near the staircase; this is better even for those with small spaces.

What to throw away, and what to keep for winter

One of the best parts about decorating with faux greenery is saving all the decorations for many years. At Nearly Natural, we pride ourselves in delivering the most lifelike, high-quality artificial foliage on the market. Our solutions help you save money, time, and ease because once you buy from us, you'll have long-lasting Christmas items that will allow you to keep making merry memories with the family. Store these items in the box they arrived in and in a closet for save keeping.

Your family deserves the best holiday season. No matter where the holidays take you, the size of your space, or your budget, you can begin the winter festivities whenever feels best for you. The most important thing for the holidays is spending it with the ones you love. And decorating provides you with the opportunity to put your thinking hats on, DIY, and create the holidays of your dreams.

Tips for Apartment Living

We know that living in a tight area during the holidays can be stressful, but don’t worry, this is why we crafted Christmas décor just for apartments and other space areas. For example, consider a flat-back Faux Christmas tree or a mini-Christmas tree that can easily be stored after the holiday season or update a balcony; we also offer outdoor-safe greenery sure to survive the winter. If you need a larger space, check out these Denver apartments.  

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