Why Your Home Needs Artificial Palm Trees

Looking for a summer-escape plan with nowhere to go? With a little help of artificial palm trees, you’ll be ready to transport yourself (and family) to the tropical destination of your dreams without ever leaving home. Because palm trees so easily evoke a place with sunny blue skies and picture-perfect skies, why not try bringing some of those lovely feelings indoors with the help of artificial palm trees that can instantly brighten and warm up a space in your home. Whether it’s an outdoor patio or a limited-space corner in your home that could use a little hint of greenery, why not consider adding an artificial palm tree to your decor to recreate the secluded oasis of your dreams.

Choosing the Right Spot for Your Artificial Palm Tree

Choosing the Right Spot for Your Artificial Palm Tree

You’ve made the decision to add tropical greenery to your (indoor and/or outdoor) spaces but at a loss as where to display it so that it looks as real as possible? Consider these suggestions on finding the perfect spot for your brand-new artificial palm tree.

  • A sunny window to add to the effect of your palm tree looking real
  • An empty corner of your living room for a splash of verdant greenery
  • Spruce up a bare patio with organic, lifelike textures
  • Next to your couch for a hint of natural freshness
  • To cover up unsightly power sockets or cords
  • Your home office-space to add a touch of outdoor beauty, indoors

How to Maintain Your Artificial Palm Tree

How to Maintain Your Artificial Palm Tree

Silk palm trees are easy to maintain to keep up their natural-looking appearance. When you’re home dusting your furniture, simply include dusting your fake palm tree. To keep it fauxever fresh, we recommended twice per year you use a toothbrush or paint brush dipped in soapy water to get into the crevices of the leaves so that dust and dirt doesn’t collect over time, bringing down your botanical beauty’s faux facade.

Nearly Natural’s Top Palm Trees Nearly Natural’s Top Palm Trees

Now that you’re a little bit more warmed up to the idea of artificial palm plants and where you might want to display it, now is the time to choose a fake palm tree that fits your style the most. Here are some of our top selling silk palm trees that we recommended starting out with:

Paradise Palms: Not too wide and perfect for compact corners and/or spaces, our fake paradise palm trees are adorned with countless fronds and various leaves sprouting in every direction to make it look just like the real thing.

Artificial Golden Cane Palm: With stabilized trunks and a rich overgrowth of verdant foliage, fake golden cane palm trees can easily evoke a tropical environment no matter where they’re displayed.

Areca Palm Tree: Not only with a fake areca palm tree immediately add a sense of tropical beauty to any room or patio, but with a bountiful of realistic looking green leaves, it adds a sense of organic texture to any space.

Combine with other trees!

Don't forget that creative decor schemes can sometimes come from combining several complimentary trees! For all things fake trees head over to our artificial trees collection page.

For more inspiration head over to our Pinterest Board dedicated to Why Your Home Needs Artificial Palm Trees.

Please note all imagery featured is purely inspiration and not a product of Nearly Natural.

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