While our everyday surrounding can start to stale, silk plants can help add flair to everyday spaces with their never-fade palette of bold, rich colors handsomely balanced with unique, exotic textures.  So, if you’re looking to plan(t) your next escape, why not opt for a tropical paradise by using some of these artificial silk plants to create your own personalized oasis - no passport required.

Bird of Paradise

One of the most tropical blooms in the flower kingdom, Birds of Paradise are notable for their mixed hues of blue and orange plumage showcased in their delicate blooms while their oversized foliage stands perfectly upright in electric greens.


Notable for their iconic red coloring, Anthuriums are some of the most popular of tropical flowers.
Silk Bromeliads
One of the most care-free plants of the tropical world is the Bromeliad, which comes in a wide array of electric colors and differentiating textures.
Silk Orchids
Although the most varied of all tropical plants, Orchids can easily showcase a range of natural environments but it’s the subtropical ones with their rich color and intricate design that make it a quintessential tropical favorite.
Silk Cordylines
Basically synonymous with the tropics, Cordylines provide for a dramatic accent wherever displayed with their overgrowth of vibrant rich leaves.


Easily forgotten as a tropical plant, Dieffenbachia (also known as dumb cane) are a tropical staple.  Best part, in the natural world they leak sap, something you’ll never have to worry about with our artificial silk imitations.

Silk Travellers Palms

Conveying everything that is tropical, Palm Trees are a true indicator of a tropical landscape and by offering a wide range of silk palms (travellers, kentia, areca - oh my!), you can relish a tropical getaway right from the comforts of your own home. 
Great for maximizing both vertical and horizontal spaces, the climbing variety of the philodendron is a tropical runaway that can help greenify your home into a rich and lush tropical environment.

Please note all imagery featured is purely inspiration and not a product of Nearly Natural.


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