It's almost the most wonderful time of the year what better way to ring in this holiday than with a high-quality artificial Christmas tree that lasts many years.

Create the memories you want and have the Christmas you deserve. But, before you start decking the halls to the nines and start pinning on Pinterest, there are a few things to consider before you begin shopping. We have over 75 years of experience in the live plant industry at Nearly Natural, with plants named after us. Our team of horticulturists aims to inspire you to pick the best Christmas tree for your family. That's why we created this guide to help you find the solution that works for your family. On this page, you will learn everything you need to know about artificial Christmas trees 2023, from types of trees, materials, color, and measuring your space. Continue below to learn more.

Benefits of an artificial Christmas tree

We recommend an artificial Christmas tree for most people. Nowadays, many of us live busy, high-energy lifestyles and have the added responsibilities of caring for family and pets. Did you know? Some Christmas trees are poisonous and dangerous for children and pets? This is why many parents opt for faux Christmas trees to protect their families. Also, some cats have developed adverse reactions to some natural elements, and because cats are naturally curious, trees can be challenging.

Some of the benefits of artificial Christmas trees are their low-maintenance lifestyle, year-after-year durability, and cost-effective price. We know the holidays can be stressful for our finances, but to help ease the burden on the wallet, you can't go wrong with joining team faux. In addition to being budget-friendly, plants and trees offer many health and emotional benefits. Nature helps us live longer and fuller lives, so we can spend more with the people we love.

Choosing the Right Christmas Tree Size

We know this part can be a bit complicated for some of you. We understand the struggle too! But don't worry, choosing the right-sized Christmas tree is a breeze with our easy-to-follow instructions. Before measuring your space, first, decide where you want to add your new artificial Christmas tree.

This might be an office, living room, or kids' room. No matter where the holidays take you, it's essential to know where you want to add your tree. Once you pick a location, get your measuring tape and measure from top to bottom.

As a rule of thumb, the average ceiling height is about 8-9'. Ideally, you'd want a tree that is about 12 inches less than the height of your ceilings. This means you might opt for a tree of this size if you don't plan on adding a tree topper. Consider that tree toppers and stands can add more height to your tree. Keep this in mind when shopping around for holiday décor, so you purchase accessories that are suited for your tree.

Tabletop Christmas Trees

Perfect for spreading that holiday cheer to any area. Their compact sizes make them ideal for a kids' room, office, dorm, or nook. Many customers enjoy purchasing little ornaments to complement the look. Remember that mini-Christmas trees can be a great budget-friendly option for those tight areas. They also make a fine gift.

Under 6'

Especially when your area has a low ceiling, or you want to decorate with multiple Christmas trees, opt for a small but mighty Christmas tree under 6'. If your ceiling is 7' or 8', you might choose this option to be on the safe side and not limit your creativity. On the other hand, if you have an affinity for large tree toppers and have average ceiling heights, opt for a 6' Christmas tree.

7' - 9'

This is the most popular choice when shopping for artificial Christmas trees as the standard size of ceilings is about 9'. Anywhere within this range should work in most homes without any issues. Feel free to decorate as you'd like because you won't be constrained in your decorating with a faux Christmas tree of this size.

Over 9'

These giant trees are better suited for homes with higher ceilings and businesses with ample space. Typically homes in more suburban and rural areas would have a higher ceiling than those in urban, densely populated ones.

How to Choose The Right Tree Shape

A tree's shape gives you a general idea of how much room it takes up. If you have a large area, go for a broad, whole tree and a narrow or slim one for those compact spaces. Measure your floor space and check it against the dimensions on our website. We base these measurements on the widest point of the tree and the tallest tip on the top. These measurements can fluctuate depending on how you shape your tree, but this is a general idea.

Full size

If you're feeling nostalgic for the season and want to reminisce on those Christmas mornings from childhood, look for a lush and full artificial Christmas tree. These broad trees are ideal for when you have a wide space that needs that Christmas cheer. They are wide on the bottom then become thinner as you get on top. For those that want to get the closest to nature, get inspired and opt for a full and classic artificial Christmas tree.


Slim Christmas trees are gaining more and more popularity because of their thin profile that enhances many spaces of all shapes and sizes. But, you don't need a tight area to enjoy the wonders of these trees; you can use them to accent a little nook with some Christmas vibes. Ideal for apartments, studios, dorms or townhouses, and those modern spaces. Many lovers of minimalist and contemporary aesthetics are opting for this space-saving, stylish choice.


The latest trend to take over social media, sparse, natural fake Christmas trees. Inspired by nature, these sparse trees are ideal for when you want a lifelike-looking tree. Perfectly, imperfect branches make for a great minimalist and Scandinavian look. Showcase and display all your favorite ornaments, garlands and accents. Bend the branches and shape them in your space and watch as it goes to another level.

Choose The Perfect Type For You

Explore different types of trees and styles that might fit your palette. We have the most magical artificial Christmas trees, and the perfect one awaits you. Inspired by nature, our trees vary in realness, and this depends on the materials and finishes. For the most real fake Christmas tree, a mix of PVC and PE are materials to look out for.

  • PVC – Affordable and Lush - You might have heard about PVC from the plumber, but artificial Christmas trees are made from this material. Usually, the filler branches in the back of the tree are made of PVC, while the front ones are crafted from PE. American Christmas Tree Association says PVC trees are some of the most widely available.

  • PE – Realistic - If you want the most realistic artificial Christmas tree, you must look for ones made from PE. You can tell these trees apart because the lush and green branches and needles for an upscale look.

  • PVC and PE – Budget-friendly and high-quality - If you want an artificial Christmas tree that won't break the bank but looks lifelike, your best option is a mix of both PVC and PE. While PE tends to be higher quality than PVC, you can't see the PVC needles in the back of the tree. Instead, they are used more as filler to make the tree look fuller.

Choosing a Christmas Tree Color

Go bold! Explore the hues of nature and transform your space into a colorful affair. Dare to be different and let your creativity run wild. Get inspired by the different shades of nature. Christmas your way and reimagine traditions.

Explore artificial Christmas tree colors

a close up shot of a green Christmas tree


The traditional and classic color that we all know and love.


The color of peace and tranquility, this minimalist color is perfect for making your ornaments the backdrop.

a close up shot of a white Christmas tree
a close up shot of a black Christmas tree


We know! Spooky, right? Go all out and get creative decorating with this black Christmas tree that transitions from season to season. Stuck on how to decorate your artificial Christmas tree? Learn more in our blog.


Feel pretty in pink in this feminine-hued artificial Christmas tree. This is a great Christmas gift for loved ones.

a close up shot of a pink Christmas tree
a close up shot of a red Christmas tree


Who doesn't look dressing with a festive Christmas hat? You can now stack all the presents under a Christmas hat-inspired artificial Christmas tree.

How to Find The Right Type of Pre-lit Christmas Tree

We recommend opting for a prelit artificial Christmas tree to save money and time; dealing with difficult lights is a hassle. Many customers prefer LED lights because of their energy-efficient benefits that help save a few bucks on the electricity bill.

  • LED Lights – For LED lights, look at the title of our artificial Christmas trees, and if you see the words LED, you've found your pick. These lights are meant to illuminate your space for years.

  • Multifunction – Do you love flashing lights? What about a dancing queen? Multifunction lights allow for the ultimate control in your space. These lights have different settings ranging from twinkle, bursts, and fade. Set the lights that you love most.

  • Incandescent – Classic lights that we've been using since the 1800s are a popular choice for many customers.

Our Top 10 Best Artificial Christmas Trees

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to shape a Christmas tree?

Shaping an artificial Christmas tree is not difficult but can take some time. Your artificial Christmas tree will arrive with an instruction manual that guides you. First, you will work in sections and shape each branch by branch and needle by needle.