Amazing Outdoor Spring Decor Tips For 2022

Spring isn't just a great time to get outside and do some gardening; it's also one of the best times to decorate your yard and patio. It's a common misconception that spring is synonymous with flowers and butterflies. Even within the floral design, there are different flavors of floral and more spring decorating ideas; if you want to create a unique look, consider using faux lilies or hydrangeas to adorn your outdoor space. Even if you don't have a green thumb or kill every plant in sight. Several fun-and-cheap decoration ideas don't need any plant life at all! If you're looking to create the perfect outdoor space, here are eight tips and tricks that will help you plan your Spring decorating project today with some artificial outdoor plants!

Don't worry about joining team faux! We take pride in our designs here at Nearly Natural since we're horticulturists with plants named after us. We bring that experience to craft the most lifelike artificial greenery using high-quality materials. Our faux trees have graced the covers of design magazines, top social media influencer pages, and top restaurants and bars. Learn more about bringing that same energy to your front porch, perfect for spring with our outdoor décor tips.

How to Decorate a Porch for Spring

If you're looking for a simple way to add life and beauty to your home this spring, you can't go wrong with a little porch decor. Here are five tips to help you transform your space into a place you can feel good about coming home to.

1. Choose a Color Palette

Choosing a color palette for your spring porch decor is the first step in creating a cohesive space. You can opt for an all-white color palette or go with something like white and light blue. Make sure you select a color palette that suits the beauty needs of your open space!

2. Add Some Greenery

Nothing breathes new life into a space like the addition of greenery-whether it is natural outdoor plants or artificial outdoor plants. If you're concerned about keeping live plants alive, there are many options for beautiful artificial plants that will stay green all year round! Realistic outdoor plants are a great option for any space.

3. Choose an Accent Color

Choosing an accent color will pull your entire look together and ensure that your porch feels cohesive and intentional rather than haphazard. Accent colors should get used sparingly throughout your design-think throw pillows, rugs, and decorative objects like lanterns or pots.

4. Add String Lights

String lights are perfect for creating a fun and inviting atmosphere on your porch. Hang them from the ceiling or walls or wrap them around columns or posts. They give off enough light so that you can spend time there at night but aren't so bright that they overwhelm the space.

5. Include Plants and Flowers

Add a touch of springtime cheer to your porch by including plants and flowers. Go with artificial plants and flowers that require no upkeep yet still look fresh year-round! One of our favorites is this Areca Palm Tree, which comes in a natural urn with decorative rocks to add an extra touch of class to your space.

How to Easily Decorate a Front Door for Spring

Here are five practical ideas to help someone decorate their front door for spring.

1. Decorate with Flowers

Are you looking for outdoor decor tips? Fresh flowers remain a beautiful way to create color and a springtime feels to a front door. If you live where flowers proliferate, you might put together a homemade wreath using real flowers or even plant flowers outside of your front door.

2. Add Decorative Pieces

Your front door is the entrance to your home, and a beautiful one can make a lasting impression on visitors. In addition, a well-designed front door with decorative pieces makes a house appear more stylish and welcoming.

3. Make It Bolder

Don't be afraid to go big! Your front door should be the boldest thing in your house, so make use of color. If you're nervous about committing to a bright shade, consider an accent piece instead.

4. Put Out a Potted Plant

Consider plants like a rubber tree or a traveler's palm tree. These plants have long, slender trunks and large leaves, which give them an elegant look without making them too heavy looking for spring. Get one in a neutral color, like green or brown.

5. Add a Wreath

A wreath symbolizes hospitality and welcomes guests into your home. There are so many types of wreaths available you'll be able to find one that perfectly matches your style and personality. Some of the most inspiring front porch décor are wreaths.

Consider Hanging Plants

If you're looking for a way to make your home look modern and fresh, try adding some hanging plants. Hanging plants aren't just cool-looking; they can also help you have fresh air inside your home.

1. Ensure Hanging Plants Make Illusion of Space

A hanging plant can make a room look bigger, especially if you hang several plants and allow them to cascade down. You can use the top 10 best-selling outdoor tree plants to break up a large wall or create a focal point in a room. Hanging plants are also an excellent way to decorate empty corners and awkward spaces.

2. Make Use of High Ceilings

You might have difficulty filling up the space if you have high ceilings. Hanging plants can do just that! They will add more height and texture to your room while helping you use that vertical space.

3. Keep Plants on the Doorways

Hanging plants can be perfect for some spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. The right hanging plant can transform your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary or your kitchen into a tropical paradise! You can also place one over your front door.

4. Divide Up The Space Between Two Rooms With Hanging Plants

A hanging plant is excellent for dividing the space between two rooms (or creating separate areas within one large room). For example, if you have an open floor plan, try hanging a plant at the threshold between them.

5. In The Living Room

Hanging plants can add color and life to any living space-even if you have little room for floor plants!

Spring Wall Decor

There is no better way to warm up your home as the temperature rises than with colorful home decor. Softer colors and floral patterns make for a perfect spring palette.

1. Pick a Theme

A nature theme will help bring the outdoors in without feeling too rustic or out of place. This boxwood mat will help create a beautiful landscape with low maintenance and long-lasting.

2. Add Texture

Spring is all about new life, so consider adding texture with fabrics like jute or linen to give your space a more natural feel and add some warmth!

3. Bring The Outside In

Decorate your outdoor wall decor with flowers or other natural elements.

4. Add Some Variety!

Choose a few different decorative elements that you can use around your outdoor wall decor to stand out and make a statement. Consider artificial floor plants of varying heights to create synergy and contrat.

5. Use Artwork or Photos

Use artwork or photos in frames that can get hung on walls, fences, etc., to personalize your outdoor area and make it feel like home.

Final Thoughts

Spring is an essential transitional season. It means winter is over, but it also means the start of summer. The promises of a new season are exciting and call for decor that gives personal expression to this reasonable time. These spring decor tips will help you welcome the new season into your backyard and front yard, creating places where family and friends can relax and celebrate the season's transition.

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