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With spring in the air it’s no surprise that we turn to the flirtier side of Mother Nature to beautify indoor spaces!  What better way to do that than with the help of artificial flowers wholesale! As a company that prides itself on a wide selection of intricately designed faux flowers, we offer a wide array of artificial flowers that can help beautify everyday spaces in your home, office, even specialized events like weddings. In order to help you select the perfect arrangement of fake flowers in bulk, today we’re sharing a few tips on why you should implement artificial flowers in bulk into your next special occasion, and better yet, at wholesale prices.   

A small glimpse into our wide selection of Orchids at bulk and wholesale prices

Our High Quality of Silk Flowers Wholesale Selection

Boasting +200 different types of artificial flower arrangements and +100 varying sets of loose stemmed silk flowers, we can help you choose the perfect mix of silk flowers in bulk in order to transform ordinary spaces into something truly beautiful. With naturally occurring details and intricately designed characteristics, our wholesale faux flowers are so life-like, they’re nearly natural! From our favorite silk flowers like brightly hued sunflowers or a popular go-to, the silk rose, each presents a lifelike quality that will easily re-freshen any space they inhabit.  Whether you’re looking for stand-out greenery provided by a handsome philodendron arrangement or just injecting a small splash of color with a set of fake kalanchoe flowers, each is guaranteed to breathe a natural sense of life, without having to deal with the daily diligence that living flowers require.   

Artificial Flowers Wholesale - Mixed Daisies

Fake Flowers in Bulk for Weddings

With the implementation of artificial flowers growing in popularity, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing them being used in the most elaborate occasions - including weddings. Because you aren’t restricted to a seasonal calendar and they can provide a more consistent quality than living flowers, fake flowers are a great go-to for these specialized events that require floral displays to hold up against time, handling, showcasing, etc. That doesn’t include the dismantling and waste of thousands of dollars of living flowers, providing a more sustainable solution in the long term. And whether you're looking to play a winter-inspired wedding with winter florals or opting for brighter, spring wedding decor, we can help personalize your special moments while at the same time providing an everlasting token to commemorate the date.   

Artificial Flowers Wholesale - Mixed Flowers

Artificial Flowers Wholesale for Offices, Restaurants, & Corporate Businesses

If you’re looking to update your current working environment, artificial arrangements are a great alternative to living plants.  In addition to eliminate allergies in working environments, they will not only withstand the test of time in the long run, but you won’t have to deal with the hassle of daily maintenance required of its living counterparts.  If you’re looking for silk flowers wholesale, please check out our dedicated wholesale page where you can get more details on our wholesale programs & purchase fake flowers in bulk.

Artificial Flowers Wholesale - Orchids

What Type of Flowers do we Sell?

Flowers in a Vase

We sell fake flowers in bulk. One of our most popular selections is flowers in a vase with faux water, a liquid illusion that makes our high-quality silk flowers look even more lifelike. Nature-inspired and crafted from premium materials, your customers will love these faux flowers because of their meticulous attention to detail. Never needing maintenance, explore our vast selection at budget-friendly prices for every lifestyle. Ranging in height from less than 12” to 48”, we have something for every type of client. Explore silk roses, orchids, peonies, and more without maintenance at the most affordable prices.

Large Flower Arrangements

We know sometimes customers ask for a more extensive arrangement to fill bare corners in any home. Not only are large flower arrangements a timeless yet elegant look, they can also be trendy and design-forward with the right vase. Crafted from high-quality materials by horticulturists with experience in the live plant industry, all our designs are as beautiful as a fresh bouquet but last a lot longer from orchids, lilies, roses, and Poinsettias for every room and budget. So satisfy your best clients with some large arrangements that will make any room blossom while adding some color.

Artificial Centerpieces Arrangements

There’s nothing like a centerpiece to liven and brighten any bare dining table or desktop. Our wholesale faux flowers provide the best opportunity for your clients to craft their DIY arrangement or purchase one already beautifully crafted by hand. With 75+ years of experience in the floral industry, our mission is to capture nature’s beauty at every stem, flower, or branch and look as beautiful as a fresh arrangement but for a longer time without maintenance. No matter the size of your clients’ spaces, there’s a Nearly Natural product sure to adorn their space at the best prices.  

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Because artificial flowers are faux-ever, we expect them to look just as beautiful as they day they were ‘plucked’ and delivered to your home.  That’s not withstanding that you will need to periodically clean and care for your artificial flowers to keep them looking radiant and ever lifelike. With free shipping and free returns on every purchase, we offer a satisfaction guarantee.  However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, our Customer Service Team will work to get you exactly what you want - no questions asked.  

Looking to get started, check out our entire Artificial Flower Arrangements in addition to our Collection of Silk Flower Sets - just in time for spring!  

Artificial Flowers Wholesale - Roses
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Iakov Fomin

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Greta SAnchez

Looking to purchase several item that were showing on my face book today with a 20 discount FLWR20 and Magnolia with clear vase and others please forward to my E-mail

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Jan Sherman

I have an artificial silk flower shop and holiday wreath store at our county farmers market. I have a retail sales tax license with the state of NC. My company name is Handmade jewelry and Treasures. What do you need to sell wholesale to me. I am a retired Commercial Interior designer and used to have a home furnishings and decor shop that I bought accessories for at 225 5th ave in NYC. I think your quality and attention to detail is right up my alley. Please email me a form with price list or whatever you need. I am just starting to order Xmas stuff.
thank you

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