Bring Spring Into Any Home With Fake Fittonia Wreaths

Few things can brighten the look of your home or office space, like putting some spring touches on your walls or doors. Using artificial plants and flowers is an easy and affordable way to adorn your home or office for the spring season.

One common choice for artificial wreaths is the leafy Fittonia plant. With its lush green leaves, it makes a springlike splash wherever it's hung. Fittonia is also called the "mosaic plant" or "nerve plant" because of its prominent veins that provide a visible contrast to the cushiony oval leaves.

Here are some ideas for adding extra spring splendor to your home decor.

1. DIY Butterfly Wreath

Start with a fake Fittonia wreath and add some touches of fake baby's breath throughout its expanse. The crowning touch adds a flock of feathery faux butterflies. Attach them with craft glue. Nothing evokes the spirit of spring more than the vision of butterflies emerging from their cocoons.

2. Hydrangea Berry Wreaths

A fake Fittonia remains your base, and you add clusters of white faux hydrangeas, vibrant faux violets, light green faux ferns, and a sprinkling of hypericum berries for a look that will bring the romantic nature of spring to your doorway. Use wire stems to thread your artificial flowers through and around your fake Fittonia, and stand back and admire your doorway decoration.

3. Sunflower Wreath

Your faux Fittonia will be upstaged by bright and friendly sunflowers. Choose large artificial sunflowers in both yellow and orange and place them strategically around the Fittonia wreath. Use their wire stems to attach them. Including a different colored leaf garland to intersperse through the wreath and adding some fake goldenrods and faux orange berries will make a wreath that will shout "springtime" to all your visitors.

4. Pink Peonies and White Hydrangeas Wreath

Start with your fake Fittonia and add eight blush-pink artificial peonies. Alternate these with four clusters of white artificial hydrangeas. Finish with pink fake hypericum berries and a bit of faux baby's breath for a delicate but lovely welcome to the spring season.

5. Funnel Wreath

For this wreath, begin with an old-fashioned funnel. Place some floral foam in the bottom of the funnel. After that, insert a hanging version of an artificial Fittonia plant into the funnel. Around the rim, you can place any colorful fake flowers you might like. You then pass a firm wire through the funnel and join the top and bottom of the wire to fashion a hanger.

Adding these wreaths to your door is a surefire way to show everyone you are ready to welcome spring to your home. If you'd like to add some touches of spring to other parts of your home, here are some more ideas:

1. Wonder Wall

Adding a fake wreath - or a group of wreaths - to your living room wall is like adding patches of sunshine inside your home. You can suspend some enhanced fake Fittonia wreaths from a curtain rod on your wall. You could opt for a long, lovely branch to substitute for the curtain rod for a more rustic look or use Command strips.

2. Above the Mantle

No matter how you decorate your mantle, if you have a mirror above it, you can introduce a spring wreath by hanging it of your artificial Fittonia over the mirror. Choose a spring-themed artificial garland or small clusters of artificial plants on the mantle itself; to illustrate your spring theme further.

3. Wreath in the Window

With this artificial wreath, you'll decorate the front and back of the fake Fittonia leaves with brightly colored artificial spring flowers. Hang the artificial wreath from a complementary colored ribbon inside a window. Choose a variety of spring flowers to decorate the faux wreath. Flowers you might choose include peonies, hydrangeas, sunflowers, or daisies. Leave a night light on in the room where this hangs to backlight this lovely wreath.

4. Crown Your Curtains

It may seem odd to add something to curtains or draperies, but a lovely faux Fittonia wreath with a spring theme can easily enhance any room by temporarily attaching them to your curtains with some Velcro or double-sided craft tape. It's safe to say this will be a unique but lovely choice.

5. Above Your Bed

Attach your artificial wreath above your bed with a "Command Strip" or other wall-hanging devices. It will give your bedroom the touch of spring you may be craving, and you can choose colors to complement your room's colors.

These choices are a lovely way to improve your home decor. Use your imagination and a fake Fittonia wreath and bring spring into any room!

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