Hanging Planter Ideas Indoor for Fall (2022 Updated)

Bring home the magic of nature into your home. Simply your living arrangements with a tailored and personalized hanging plant that gives you complete control to customize just for your space. Especially if you have a tight area – hanging plants – provide much color and texture wherever displayed. For the best maintenance-free option in sprucing up your home, faux hanging plants are the best of both worlds. And if you're scared about the fake plants of yesteryear, Nearly Natural designs the most natural hanging plants out there at the most affordable prices. Inspired by nature and crafted from high-quality materials, horticulturists with 75+ years of experience design every faux tree and plant. So have confidence in our premium selections for your greenery needs. When it comes to hanging plants, you might be scared to dive right into them, but this is why our interior decorators created this guide to help you choose artificial hanging plants. Even if you want to enhance the beauty of your outdoors, we have an outdoor-safe hanging plants option for you. Check out our interior trends for hanging plant décor.

1. Find your hanging plant style

Before you dive into transforming your space into an oasis with hanging plants, consider which style might suit you the best. From farmhouse, traditional, boho, eclectic, and everything in between, make sure you choose the best option to maintain consistency and cohesion throughout. Or you can always mix and match different design styles until you find your own or DIY. Learn more in our artificial plants buying guide.

2. Macrame hanging planter

For more eclectic and boho-inspired spaces, think about adding texture and color using macrame hanging planters. Even if you have a tight space, macrame is the perfect accent for displaying your faux greenery. Some of our favorite plants for adding a macrame are cactus, silk flowers, olives, and more. For an added touch of cohesion, add multiple in your space for symmetry.

3. Traditional outdoor hanging plants

Do you know those posh, traditional patios that look so posh and well-maintained? Consider some outdoor hangings plants to get the look quickly and effortlessly. We recommend lining a few hanging plants along with the patio. Space each faux hanging plant about 3-4 feet away or less; the key is to make sure they're all evenly spaced.

4. 11" Decorative Wall Planter

Display faux plants in your wall with this Decorative Wall Planter. Add a small plant, flowers, or cacti to colorful any room. If you're right on space or need some art, use this planter to fill bare space. With a length of 11", house in any empty wall. Perfect for a small bathroom, bedroom, dorm, or apartment.

5. Hanging plants in kitchens

Get that restaurant-inspired kitchen to glow up with maintenance-free hanging plants. Elevate your style by bringing the outdoors in with plants of various lengths, textures, and colors. Especially if you want to add more colorful flair, consider Geraniums or Ferns. Consider adding one of each to the ceiling; this is an excellent tip for those all-white kitchens needing some hues.

6. Create a green wall

One of the most spectacular backgrounds you can create is a green living wall with a wall panel. We recommend the Lush Mediterranean Wall Panel -- one of the fullest wall panels out there. For this, we recommend measuring the wall you'd like to enhance, then, based on that, decide how many you're going to need based on the size of your space.

7. Hang and display flowers

The toned-down oranges, purples, yellows, and lavenders of this artificial mixed flowers hanging basket plant make it a great choice to pair with nearly any decor. Artificial fern leaves drape over the basket's sides and add an extra dimension. Hang this basket from the ceiling of your enclosed porch or above your end table for a natural finish.

8. Display hanging plants of various heights

This tip is one of our favorites because it can elevate the look and feel of your area. Take the faux spider hanging plant as an example; you can boost the textures creating a non-symmetrical space that feels balanced and luxurious. This suggestion is a common trick of interior decorators that you can easily recreate.

9. Elevate the bathroom

We know it can be hard to maintain certain plants in the bathroom because of the humidity and water. But did you know one way to liven your bathroom is by adding artificial hanging plants? The easiest way to enliven any area is by curating with greenery. Because who doesn't want to feel as they're showering al-fresco.

10. Rustic accents for a farmhouse feel

A popular style that many of you love is farmhouse, and it shows no signs of slowing down, only becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Complete your farmhouse look by adding faux hanging plants in a farmhouse-inspired planter. Look for warm wooden finishes and dark finishes for your hanging plant décor.

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