Solving Landscaping Problems with Artificial Outdoor Landscape Plants

If you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor spaces without the hassle of constantly having to maintain it, opt to replace living greenery with a wide selection of artificial outdoor plants and fake trees. Exclusively designed with UV-resistant to withstand the natural elements, our collection of artificial topiary trees, faux bushes, flowering plants, silk hedges, and many others can help transform porches, elevate outdoor entrances/exits, even add a hint of life to a deck, patio, balcony, or even an entire backyard. By inserting faux verdant greens, your everyday outdoor environment(s) can feel and look fresh all year-round.

7 Benefits of Using Artificial Outdoor Landscape Plants

Because living plants and trees might not be realistic for all exterior spaces, our outdoor artificial plants and fake trees can make landscaping feel effortless - and practical at the same time! With the help of artificial outdoor plants, you can also create an instant effect - rather than waiting for the typical growing period that living flora requires. Did we mention the huge benefits of using artificial outdoor plants? By using fake plants for outdoor spaces you’ll never have to worry about the following:

Top 6 Landscape Design Styles

Traditional Landscape

Front yard decorated with ponies and artificial flowers for a traditional look

Maybe you’ve been to Versailles, fell in love with the gardens, and now want to recreate the same artificial plants garden design in your home. If you’re looking for some traditional landscaping ideas, we’re here to help you create the romantic and posh landscaping you dream of. The one type of tree that is synonyms with these romantic gardens is the classical topiary tree. These trees are expensive and time-consuming to maintain, but you can quickly achieve the look using faux topiaries. Artificial boxwood topiaries in the shape of a sphere look polished year-round, helping deliver that traditional look. They’ve stayed true and survived the test of time by always being en vogue.

Desert Landscape

backyard decorated with cactuses, ferns, bushes, and small rocks

There’s nothing more sizzling than a desert outdoor plant landscape. There’s something romantic yet so spicy about desert landscaping plants that make us happy. While many thought succulents were just another trend, they have genuinely transformed interior design. If you’re looking for desert landscape ideas, we have a couple that you can try effortlessly that update your interior architecture and style. A desert landscape idea for the backyard is to use fake landscaping plants such as succulents around a walkway and complement some river rocks on the tile side. Desert landscape idea for the front yard is to house two Yucca trees in the front of the house and on top of the planter add some colorful flowers or some shrubs for an elevated, hotel look. If you’re stuck deciding which fake landscaping plant is right for you, use our buying guide for large artificial plants.

Japanese Landscape

Back yard decorated with Japanese landscaping

The Japanese are known for their serene, tranquil outdoor oasis that’ll relax even the busiest person. If you want to recreate a Japanese landscape backyard, we have some Japanese landscaping ideas. For the backyard, we recommend using some bamboo trees alongside a koi pond and colorful flowers. A Japanese garden is about finding balance with color and greenery; having different green shades helps achieve this look. A new design trend increasing in popularity is Japandi, the marriage between Japanese style and minimalism. This can be done in a garden and decorating with clean lines, subtle colors, and many faux trees. Explore our top 5 most realistic outdoor plants.

Japanese garden decorated with living floral near pool in back yard

Have a pool in your back yard? Throw in some ferns & ponies around

Japanese garden with artificial ferns and black planters

Decorate with ferns and artificial plants in darker planters

Tropical Landscape

palm trees, ficus trees, and artificial plants decorated among live plants in backyard

Stay in a vacation state-of-mind with some tropical landscape ideas that’ll help you kick back and relax. Some ideas of tropical landscape plants include the famous palm trees, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Bird of Paradise and Monstera and Dracaena. Low maintenance landscape design typically includes multiple palm trees alongside colorful flowers that soften the look. By using artificial landscaping trees, you can ensure you’re always ready for summer, no matter where you live. No more worrying about winter, ensure your plants look flawless all year. With artificial tropical plants, you never need to worry about maintenance or upkeep that can get pricey. Decorate with faux plant wall décor for a true jungle look.

Country Landscape

Artificial flowers in beige planters decorated next to house wall

Country landscape design has gained popularity over the last few years and has become mainstream. Rustic, country farmhouse landscaping ideas include decorating with grains, topiaries, and shrubs. These different textures bring a cozy feel that is synonyms with rustic landscaping. Accent these faux plants with some rustic, wooden planters and add some faux moss or river rocks on top. For the front yard, add some topiaries and greet guests with a warm welcome; consider adding some rustic tiles or some river rocks alongside the driveway for a cozy look. To finish the look, consider adding some shrubs around the entryway.

Mediterranean Landscape

palm and ficus trees decorated next to stairs in backyard of house

If you’re looking for some Mediterranean landscaping ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Recreate your backyard into a Tuscan getaway that’ll make you feel as you’re walking through Italy. The most famous Mediterranean landscape plant is the olive tree, our customer favorite. Complete your Mediterranean landscape design by adding these minimalist, airy plants to any outdoor area and accenting them with rustic, European planters. We have a variety of outdoor olive trees in all shapes, sizes and styles to ensure you can build your faux dream garden. If you need a European vacation, our olive trees will take you on a romantic journey every time you step outside. All the guests will be saying chao.

Best Landscaping Plants

When looking to enhance your outdoor area, you can't go wrong with maintenance-free outdoor artificial plants. Inspired by nature, high-quality faux greenery accents your space and delivers a fresh look no matter where you live. The beauty of using UV resistant outdoor greenery, is that they are manufactured differently, allowing them to withstand natural elements better.

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There's almost nothing that looks better than a beautiful palm tree swaying in the gentle breeze. And you can have that exact look with this impressive 7.5' recreation of an Areca Palm Tree. Looking astoundingly lifelike with its 1966 leaves, this tree is entirely UV resistant, meaning it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorating. It also makes an excellent gift for that "lover of the tropics" on your list.

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The perfect accompaniment for your home, office, or even your patio. Standing tall at more than 5 feet in height, it has 3 trunks and 42 billowing leaves. It's fully UV resistant, so you can comfortably place it indoors or out. It also never needs water and will stay looking fresh and green for years to come. And if you have a nature lover on your gift list, well, here's your perfect present.

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Gracefully drooping branchlets and glossy, oval leaves give this 6.5' Ficus Tree a full and abundant look. The intertwined trunk is keeping with the authentic ficus. Paired with a slate-colored planter full of white pebbles for a decorative accent. Place this Ficus Tree in a study, entryway, sunroom, or patio for a year-round natural accent.

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Standing a full 5 feet in height, this 5' Dracaena Plant really makes a statement and brings a bit of nature wherever you want it - indoors or out. Fully UV resistant, it has three stout trunks, 58 cascading leaves. Ideal for patios, dens, office reception areas, or anywhere else a bit of natural beauty is required. Makes a thoughtful gift as well.

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Standing over four feet tall, this spiked agave in a planter will make a dramatic statement in any room. It comes in a sleek black squared planter complete with white river rocks. And because it's faux, this is much safer than the real thing. Perfect in your living room or outside on your patio. Makes a great addition to any space and doesn't require maintenance.

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Trimmed to perfection, this potted 30" boxwood topiary makes a perfect addition to your mantel and draws the gaze. The gray cylinder planter provides a contrast to the well-groomed foliage for a complete look. Safe for indoor/outdoor use place in any area in need of more color and texture. Create the outdoor look you've always dreamed of without the added worry of maintenance. Standing 30" from a gray planter (included in height), this piece makes a beautiful addition.

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Enhance your home or garden with this lush artificial peperomia plant featuring bright foliage with detailed tiny leaves. Boasting natural coloration and standing 32" tall, this UV-resistant plant can even help bring color to an outside patio or balcony. Housed in a blue planter and the ability to fit in tight spaces makes it a great addition to both the home or garden. Standing 32" from a blue planter (included in height), add in any area needing some green.

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There's almost nothing that looks better than a beautiful palm tree swaying in the gentle breeze. And you can have that exact look with this impressive 7.5' recreation of an Areca Palm Tree. Looking astoundingly lifelike with its 1966 leaves, this tree is entirely UV resistant, meaning it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorating. It also makes an excellent gift for that "lover of the tropics" on your list.

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Put, this beautiful Plumeria tree will become one of your favorite pieces of décor. Standing 60" high (that's five feet), it has an authentic-looking trunk that rises and splits, resulting in several layers of beautiful leaf / flower blooms. This tree is fully UV resistant, meaning it'll look great both indoors and out, with nary a drop of water. Perfect for both home and office, this lovely tree also makes a fine gift.

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Get your swimsuit and sunscreen ready, because you're about to go to the beach. At least it'll feel that way when you display this beautiful Areca palm tree. Standing more than 4 feet in height, it has 8 trunks and more than 800 leaves, ready to dance in the ocean breeze, whether that breeze is in your home, office, or back patio. Fully UV resistant, this indoor/outdoor piece will make the perfect statement in just about any space and makes a fine gift.

Best Artificial Bushes for Landscaping

Artificial bushes make for a great alternative to those hard to decorate areas. Also, since they tend to be smaller, they're an option for when you have a lonely corner or are unsure about how a space looks. Many customers enjoy lining multiple silk bushes along a line and display them for a cohesive look.

The blooms of the geranium bush are UV-resistant and can be placed outside to add a pop of color to the arrangement. Or, if you prefer to bring that color indoors, the bush is small enough to act as a decoration for a table or cabinet shelf. Four bushes included. Feel free to be creative and DIY with this set to create your dream setup.

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Lend a pop of color to bare spaces with this hanging set of artificial bougainvillea plants; they are entirely hassle-free. They boast an overgrowth of bright, delicate floral contrasted with UV Resistant greenery. Sprouting out from individual hanging baskets, these 28" long bushes are great for indoor and outdoor display. The designer-approved idea is to add several along an entryway or pergola for an updated look.

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With sprawling tendrils of shaded green leaves touched with reddish pink, this set of six artificial mini melon plants allows for plenty of creativity. Spread them out in hanging baskets around your living room for a natural feel, or line them up in a planter outdoors for a no-maintenance decorative edge.

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Adorned with intricate stems, this lush Cedar bush is the perfect background foliage for a fireplace floor arrangement or mudroom accent piece. Lifelike, detailed cedar leaves are arranged with adjustable stems. Place with holiday accessories or springtime figurines for year-round seasonal decor. Bush comes with a round, black plastic pot. This nature-inspired cedar bush is a great transitional piece for any home because it looks incredibly lifelike, and many people enjoy the maintenance-free lifestyle.

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Give your home or office space a zen-like atmosphere with this 4' artificial bamboo tree. Its numerous amount of real to the touch small green leaves that fill up the multiple stems will last long and require no upkeep. Place it in your bedroom, dining room, or living room to accentuate any mahogany furniture pieces like a coffee table, couch, or sideboard. With its UV-resistant material, it can be placed inside or outside your home.

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Transform bare spaces with this artificial bougainvillea. Standing 26" high from its accompanying planter, this lush plant boasts vivid little blooms contrasted with realistic, green foliage - all UV resistant. Bright and beautiful, it would make for an inviting accent inside or outside near a home or office entrance without fear of damage from the natural elements.

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Ok, here's a selection that exudes pure joy. The bold, leafy explosion of green is both "big" and delicate simultaneously (that's the nature of Peperomia leaves, after all.) This fun selection is also UV resistant, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor decorating. This awesome plant never needs water, and also makes a fine gift. Consider curating multiple for a cohesive and trendy look, maintenance-free, achieve your dream style today.

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The fern is an ideal "hanging basket" plant. The "delicate but full" leaves are seemingly made to spill out and over a pot, and the fresh look really brings home the sense of nature. This is a set of two leather ferns, complete with stunning "mossy-look" hanging baskets. Best of all, they are suitable for outdoors (as well as inside), meaning your decorating options are numerous (and year-round). Makes a great gift, too.

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The boxwood is a classic "decorating hedge", and why not? It's pretty, dense leaves make for perfect canvas for a talented horticulturist sporting a trimmer. Here's a boxwood that's trimmed into what's called a "tower topiary" shape and ready to enhance your home or office décor. Best of all, this is an indoor/outdoor decoration and fully UV resistant.

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Standing at a height of 4 feet, the artificial bay leaf’s green foliage is expertly arranged, giving it a voluminous appearance that will be sure to fill up any gaps in your home’s décor arrangement. Since the foliage is also UV-resistant, it can also be placed outside. However, to get the opportunity to witness its beauty up close, put it in a breakfast nook by a bench. Then, add a colorful flowering plant as a centerpiece to accent the overall look.

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Get ready to start greenifying outdoor spaces with artificial plants and fake trees specifically designed for outdoor display. And if you need further inspiration, head over to our Pinterest Board dedicated to Solving Landscape Problems with Outdoor Artificial Plants.

Please note some imagery featured is purely inspiration and not a product of Nearly Natural.

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