2022 Best Selling Fake Plants | Artificial Plants

Ever wanted to change your scenery? Are you tired of being stuck at home? You can now transform your living areas with some best-selling artificial plants that require zero maintenance. Fancy a trip through the jungle? Add some hanging plants full of green foliage to recreate an Amazonian look. Or, if you're looking for exotic desert vibes, use some artificial cacti to bring the desert into your home.

Why Buy From Nearly Natural?


When looking to spruce up your space, you deserve the best. Your home is an oasis, and silk plants can help recreate your area into an exotic retreat. Nearly Natural was founded by a horticulturist that also has experience in the interior decorator world. This gives us an eye for detail when creating the most realistic rendition of nature that happens to look incredibly lifelike, as well. Not only do we have the experience with live plants, but we also have one of the largest selections of faux plants out there. Explore 1000s of items in all shapes, sizes, and prices; we're sure there's something to catch your eye. If you're curious, read more about the benefits of artificial plants.

No matter the style you're looking to achieve, you can recreate it effortlessly using faux trees in your décor. You might be a bit hesitant about buying silk plants because they get a bad rep for looking tacky. Still, with Nearly Natural, you're purchasing a quality faux plant designed by horticulturists with experience in the live plant industry. Our items look so real; you'll be asking are they real or Nearly Natural. Explore our selection of best-selling silk plants ranging from outdoor, indoor, hanging, and desktop. There's something for every taste and style.

Large Artificial Plants

Our customers have great taste! Our best-selling large artificial plants are used by interior decorators, horticulturists, and social media influencers. Add large artificial floor plants to your indoor/outdoor living areas. When shopping for outdoor plants, look for the words "UV resistant" or "Indoor/Outdoor" to ensure the item is safe for placing outside. Explore our silk plants that range from Dracaena, Snake, Areca, Cycas, and more. The best part is they require no maintenance. If you need some help deciding which plants to buy, check out our buying guide for large plants.

Fake Hanging Plants

You might think that fake hanging plants are more common in boho décor, but they are quickly becoming a favorite among enthusiasts of other styles. There are hanging planters that can blend with many types of decor, but you can also decorate with outdoor boxwood mats that are commonly seen in restaurants and cafes. Outdoor living walls are trendy in many events such as weddings, birthdays, movie premieres, and café openings.

Small Artificial Plants

If you're tight on space, small artificial plants are perfect for you. If you live in an apartment, condo, dorm, or in-law, you can still transform your space into an oasis. We have almost every plant in mini sizes to always have the same option as everywhere else. Explore our selection of small artificial plants today.

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